Welcome to Flowerchild777/About the Founder

Indigenous: originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native……

Bohemian: having informal and unconventional social habits.

Spirit: The spiritual, immaterial part of a human being. Essence or embodiment of a specified quality.

Welcome to my Flowerchild777! Everything about this blog will be original…authentic…thought-provoking, and directly from the files of my mind.

Often times, we are ridiculed/judged for just being ourselves. This nomenclature.. Indigenous Bohemian Spirit…describes who I AM….the real ME. This is the expression of my essence. These blogs are a compilation of the experiences during my voyage on this earth. No boundaries will be placed on my artistic ability to articulate. The only thing I ask of you is to welcome my liberalism if you choose to follow.

Just to be clear, I choose to share my life with others because I know there’s at least two people sitting back with the same mindset as me. I know that my story has the power to encourage others to live fearless and even empower others to explore. Know and understand that you will not get the FULL story here on social media. I am largely a private person and I like to preserve intimate dialogue with those who are truly desiring to connect and not judge.

My blog entries are from the heart and depict genuine concerns or unconventional topics that I reflect on in REALITY. For this reason, the tone may invoke certain feelings to encourage free thinking and open dialogue…but never to insinuate that I am right and the reader is wrong. We are all learning together!

I ENCOURAGE respectful interactions here….advanced knowledge and research…responses that enable further free-thinking. Any attempts to bash an individual for their remarks or recruit a person into a religion WILL be blocked on this site.


We individually have our purpose here in this universe. Journey with me! If you haven’t found your purpose yet, through this forum you just may discover who YOU ARE.

To request guest blogging or any other partnership/business opportunities, send an email to indigenousbohemianspirit@gmail.com.

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