The dangers of saying God told me…..

“God” is saying a lot these days! In modern day, “God” is saying a lot that’s dealing with business or things that are appealing to materialism. But it’s rare to hear believers saying, “God said help feed the poor,” “God said live modest so that you can have peace,” etc. “God” in modern day is telling people to think more on a selfish level…telling people to pray for expensive cars and big homes! “God” is telling people to invest large sums of money into church buildings instead of helping the homeless find shelter.

Is “God” doing a new thing in the church? Part 2

Please listen to the audio recording in conjunction with this post If you haven’t caught my Part 1, click here to review that post prior to this one. Also follow my Facebook page if you are interested in being apart of the dialogue. My opinion of this still stands until there is scriptural evidence that…

Religion=division & Spirituality=unity

Religion: derived from relegere “go through again” (in reading or in thought), from re-“again” (see re-) + legere “read.” religare “to bind fast” (see rely), via notion of “place an obligation on.“ Religion: Teaches us to look outside of our own selves for answers/guidance. It subtly teaches us to feel less confident in our own…

The “sowing a seed” scam….extortion with a religious spin.

If you are a believer and the title has already given you bad vibes, I wouldn’t ignore this blog post so soon. I want you guys to test this post to see if I’m just speaking out of strong dislike for the doctrine, or if my reasoning actually makes sense according to the scripture and…

Have you considered THIS prior to coaching someone into your box?

*Please listen to the audio below in conjunction with this post* Let’s practice spreading unconditional love instead on the planet. Love and accept ALL of yourself first so that you can move into this beautiful energy. Just because we have different beliefs surrounding our journeys, it does not equate to us being enemies by default….