The dangers of saying God told me…..

“God” is saying a lot these days! In modern day, “God” is saying a lot that’s dealing with business or things that are appealing to materialism. But it’s rare to hear believers saying, “God said help feed the poor,” “God said live modest so that you can have peace,” etc. “God” in modern day is telling people to think more on a selfish level…telling people to pray for expensive cars and big homes! “God” is telling people to invest large sums of money into church buildings instead of helping the homeless find shelter.

pACE your life to ACE your life..

Please listen to the audio in conjunction with this post. Ermias taught us something beautiful with his life. Not only is he wearing the color blue in this picture, which is my favorite color, but he is embodying the energy of tranquility. He is standing in front of a vehicle, which symbolizes ‘the journey was…