Shameless Self-Care Saturday Mindset

It’s Self-Care Saturday!

Today, I would like to extend to you a challenge.

This may have been a very stressful work week for some of you or maybe you have experienced some distressing moments in the last few days.

Today is the day to just relax and live in the now. Call attention to those things in your life that are commemorable. What are some qualities about yourself and/or your life that you can take pride in? What are some personal achievements that give you a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction?

Give yourself a warm embrace and recognize in this moment that you are Audacious, dynamic, venturesome, and unrelenting. You have made it this far in your journey and have so much more to give to the world.

I think it’s fair to say that maintaining any ounce of tenacity during 2020 and 2021 is ADMIRABLE! We are all undertaking these uncertain moments in the best way that we know how. There was no guidebook for How to Overcome a Pandemic in any of our lesson plans in the school of life. But guess what? We are figuring it out as we go and we’re still here to formulate new ideas collectively.

Maintaining a sound and rational mind and recognizing when someone or something is out of tune with my energy has been the key to my success for the past 2 years. These tools have been the oil to my mental engine.

So, for Self-Care Saturday, I want to offer to you 2 challenges so that you can really stand in your power and be an autonomous being, because we’re in the Autumn season and Autumn is for Autonomy.

#1: Challenge Your Circle

In a previous blog post, in which I will tag below, I describe how it is important to differentiate between Fiends vs. Kin and Familiar vs. Familia.

Fiends are those who are addicted to your personality, but they have no interest in your spirit person (who you are authentically).

Kin or Kindred Spirits are those who resonate with your spirit. These are your Kind, meaning you are similar in your nature. The connection is harmonious and mutually reciprocative.

The familiar spirits are those well known from long or close association. A familiar spirit is also a demon or evil spirit that answers one’s call. 😱 We don’t have to get too spooky or pious in that regard. A demon is just a low-vibrational intelligence that plays on our inferior nature. So, a familiar attachment in the physical world would look like an acquaintance whom we keep close in order to engage in valueLESS and futile ventures; the connection serves no purpose to our highest mission.

Familia on the other hand is synonymous with kin, kindred, or dynasty (a succession of SOVEREIGNS or a sequence of powerful leaders from the same lineage).

It’s vital to make a clear distinction between these two labels. Right now, we’re being aligned with our KIN, our soul tribe, and our familia so that our purposes can be magnified. With all of the agendas present on the planet designed to steer humanity into a robotic, totalitarian state, it’s crucial for us to wake up from the deep slumber and remember the blueprint of our soul. It’s time to BE who we ARE at our core, our spiritual essence, and attract those who are already in alignment with our spirit so that we can be surrounded with those who will be fighting WITH us as allies and not AGAINST us as enemies.

Challenge your circle today and gain the courage to end any associations that do not bring out the best in you.

Do you have a circle of Fiends or KINDred spirits?

#2: Challenge Your Mindset

I dare you to challenge every deeply embedded program that goes against your soul’s blueprint. Challenge those doctrines, dogmas, childhood teachings, and staunch beliefs. Write down every credence that rules your life and see if that belief is one that propels you forward or holds you back. Evaluate if that idea encourages you to be sovereign or subservient. Ask yourself if these principles equip you to be courageous or timid. Cancel and rebuke any concepts that make you feel like BEing your authentic self is a violation. Know that you were created to be EXACTLY who you are, because that is a gift to the world. Being true to your purpose helps humanity in so many ways. You were created to be Autonomous, having the freedom to act independently. You are not an Automaton, a moving mechanical device made in imitation of a human being.

Challenge your self-limiting beliefs. I want you to analyze every single thought that formulates in your mind, like an algorithm, and see if that thought is in alignment with what how you envision yourself.

Place a set of explicit regulations on your heart and mind that will BLOCK any vibration (sound, thought, or energetic interference) that will not produce an output of a harmonious and loving frequency.

Then, I want you to make a solemn promise or affirmation to yourself that you are an Espiritu Libre, a spirit that is liberated and ready to exude all the BEAUTIFUL energy that is within you.

You are greater than the frequency of FEAR or DOUBT. You fully embody the frequency of self-love. You are:




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