It’s Self-Care Sunday!

Hey Flowerchild777 Fam!

I’m excited, because today is Self-Care Sunday!

I enjoy Self-Care Saturdays as well…sometimes. But, today is usually the day that I set aside to go within and check on my spirit to see how it’s doing.

As a recap of a recent blog post, I touched on getting back to love! After returning back to the United States from a 1.5 year journey living life in Central/South America, I realized just how imbalanced the western lifestyle is. Many have traded in the priceless moments with family and human connection with the hustle towards the American dollar.

There’s so many of us who completely forget who we are on a spiritual level. We get entangled with the corporate identities and materialistic pursuits and forget that we came into this life to serve a higher purpose.

So, thus is what Self-care Sunday symbolizes for me.

The other 5 days of the week are usually preserved for business. And as the term week implies, it can literally make your spirit WEAK. So, Sundays are the best time for me to recharge, get that spiritual alignment intact using spirituality concepts of my choice, check to see if I’m balanced or imbalanced in some areas, and absorb the present moment with my husbae and children.

Taking time to focus on love and connection is a critical part of my Self-care Sunday routine.

I hold these things sacred to my heart.Β  These things are what remind me of my authentic self. In a world that’s so ever-changing and unpredictable, I can always depend on my spirit and the unconditional love that I have nurtured within my union and family to remain consistent. So, it’s important for me to soak it all in on today.

Which reminds me….

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What are some things that you do on Sunday? Do you cater to your spirit on this day or another day? What tools do you use? I would love to discover some new resources! I enjoy learning new concepts that challenge my spiritual growth. How do you spend your Sundays?! Give me some feedback in the comments below!

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

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