If you’re still alive, then you have a purpose!

One thing I love about working in the medical field is hearing all the crazy stories from more seasoned/experienced humans.

As I’m scribing, I’m caught off guard. I hear an older male report that he was previously stabbed due to mistaken identity, shot a few times by accident while deer hunting, and electrocuted by 7200 volts of electricity as a teenager.

Y’ALL!! He’s STILL ALIVE to tell about it!! SO… what does that mean for you (us)?

No matter what traumas, issues, or mistakes you may have made in this life, ask yourself an important question. Did you survive it? Are you still here to speak on it? Did you tap out or did you keep it moving? You are stronger than you have ever imagined. And you have a purpose that needs to be fulfilled. So don’t be afraid OR ASHAMED of your story. Someone needs to hear about your life experience. Allow your past obstacles to be the push that propels you into your future destiny. You got this free spirit!!


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  1. Inspiring words! Thank you for posting them😊

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read this post!! I’m happy you found the words to be inspirational. ❤❤❤❤

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