Powerful Affirmations for Self love and Confidence

This self love technique, the self-love pledge, has been THE ULTIMATE life changer for me in terms of my self-esteem and setting healthy boundaries in relationships. If you didn’t catch my post on self-love techniques that will skyrocket your self-esteem, then click the link below! Self Love Techniques that will Skyrocket your self-esteem. Number 4 is my…

Feliz Miercoles, el dia de MIRACLES!!

Feliz Miercoles Flowerchild family!! I told you guys in this season I am being very intentional with the words I speak, because words are SPELLS. And if anyone is going to put a spell on my life, it may as well be ME. I feel that I have a heart full of beautiful intentions for…

7 Daily Self-Care Habits for Peace & Bliss with downloadable weekly self-care checklist

Maintaining peace is a conscious everyday effort. It involves steering clear of anything that may cause a disruption in the stability that we have gained through self discipline. These 7 daily self-care tips will help you to maintain peace and bliss. Flowerchild777 has also provided a printable self-care checklist that can be downloaded using the link.

Living Life as your authentic self

While doing an assignment for an online course, I discovered that I am a terrible liar. The assignment required us to write a 200-word paragraph describing ourselves, including hobbies and interests. But the kicker was, we had to include a statement that was a lie and other students had to spot which statement was untrue….