Panic Attacks and Why You Don’t Need to Control Them

Today, October 10th, is recognized as World Mental Health Day. I wanted to be extremely transparent on this post and let you guys in on one of many reasons why I am a mental health advocate. This website and all of the products featured in Flowerchild777 Shop wouldn’t be possible without my own life experiences….

pACE your life to ACE your life..

Please listen to the audio in conjunction with this post. Ermias taught us something beautiful with his life. Not only is he wearing the color blue in this picture, which is my favorite color, but he is embodying the energy of tranquility. He is standing in front of a vehicle, which symbolizes ‘the journey was…

You want the truth, but you can’t handle the truth! PT. 1

Alright Flowerchild777 Fam…it’s Mindfulness Monday! Usually I save the blunt, straight-shooter posts for Truthful Thursday, but this one had to be released TUH-day! As I’ve told you guys before, this Flowerchild777 flight will be smooth for the most part, but we will come against some turbulence! Some of you have come on board in the…

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