About ME

I was born August 23rd, 1989 in Fresno, California under the Virgo Sun sign and Gemini Moon sign.

I have always been different, even as a child.

I met my partner at 19 years of age….Married at 21..

I’ve always been a tough “gal”…at least on the outside. Those who share my life and witness me on a daily know that I am as soft as a feather on the inside.

I’d like to think that I have a heart of gold. But, I am protective of my space and my peace of mind. I don’t allow others to perpetrate negative energy into my atmosphere. And that’s a right we all own.

Present day…..I am a Motivator, Registered Radiology Technologist, wife, Veteran, mother of two, homemaker, writer, and much more! I wear many hats depending on the circumstance.

I like to think of myself as a gypsy or a nomadic person. I travel wherever my spirit leads me. Thus far, I have lived in Colombia, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Above all, I AM a Free-Spirit….Espiritu Libre.

Want to know more about ME?! Feel free to ask questions..

Paz….amor….serenidad 🙂

To request guest blogging or any other partnership/business opportunities, send an email to indigenousbohemianspirit@gmail.com.




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