Do you have a circle of Fiends or KINDred spirits?

In a previous post, I explained how I no longer desired friends in my life, because friENDships END. I desire kinships, because these type of relationships tend to resonate with the SO(u)L of M.E.(my essence..sol en light…my inner G) and not the persona of me (my egoic self).

In that post, I also explained that the word etymology of friend is equivalent to FIEND or an ENEMY.

The word etymology for fiend is: from Proto-Germanic *fijand- “hating, hostile,” adversary, foe…also related to misery, disaster, sorrow, WOE.

Drake said it best…

I was runnin’ through the 6 with my woes…

Drake, “Know Yourself”

I don’t know why anyone would brag about running with people who bring misery, grief, and sorrow to their life. BUT, then again…I do. And that’s another topic for another blog post.

A fiend is known to our generation as a junkie..someone who is strung out on drugs. And that would be an accurate depiction of a FrIEND in this scenario as well.

A friend would be someone who is addicted to our energy..someone who pretends to care about us, but in reality may have some ill intentions concerning us…may actually experience great enjoyment in seeing us doing bad, so they are extremely reluctant to correct us when we’re behaving poorly. That’s how I see a friend.

A friend is someone who sticks around just to get the tea.

They ask questions as if they’re really concerned with your life, but they’re secretly trying to gain information to report to another source OR they just want to see if you’ve failed, because their jealousy and envy towards you won’t allow them to be truly happy for your success. That’s a friend.

Kinships or kindships, on the other hand, have a different meaning.

The word etymology of kind is: deliberately doing good to others, native, innate, with the feeling of relatives for each other, familial and tribal groups.

With my KIN(d)..mi familia…my KINDred spirits…the relationships that have integrity, balance, structure… the relationSHIPs that actually take me to new places and encourage me to be the greatest version of myself, instead of being a sinking SHIP or a SHIPwreck..with my KIN, I have accountability and growth and an abundance of love. I don’t have to dim my light. I can just BE.

Time to Evaluate Your Circle

Evaluation of your circle is extremely important to your ascension and I’ll explain why.

A circle is symbolic of reciprocity, all cyclic movement, and it is supposed to represent wholeness and vitality.

Imagine having Fiends occupying your circle. What type of energy do you think is being recycled back into you? As we all know, Fiends TAKE but hardly ever GIVE anything. So you will most likely receive NOTHING in return when you have fiends holding space in your circle.

If you are the type of person who is slow to cut the cord with toxic connections, because you are afraid of being alone or you enjoy NUMBERS over QUALITY, then you have to ask yourself a real question.

How much do you love yourSELF?

I’m talking about your authentic self..not the self that blends in with others. I’m talking about the self that has been uniquely designed as a gift to the world. How much do you love THAT self?

Here’s how you can tell.

Evaluate those who are occupying space in your close circle. Are you around enablers? Are you allowed to be the wackest version of yourself with them? Like, do they cheer you on and laugh with you when you are displaying toxic characteristics? Do you feel that you have to hide your talents and play small just so that they won’t feel you are in competition with them?

Or do you have people in your circle who love you and will correct you even if it hurts your feelings, because they want to see you at your highest and wouldn’t dare sit back and watch you be comfortable at your lowest? And when you are at your highest, they actually support you..GENUINELY? You can feel the energy is authentic. They aren’t making shady remarks about your success in front of your face or behind your back. The applause is in private and in public.

The answer to these questions may reveal a reality that is unpleasant to you. But, it is a true indicator of how much you love yourself.

If you have high self-accountability and you go hard for yourself, your circle should be a reflection of that. But if you have low self-respect, self-esteem, self-worth, etc., then maybe you settle for friends just because that number may be larger than the number of KIN you have.

It’s harvest season…a time where the ‘fruits’ (of your labor) have sprouted. Now it’s time to gather those fruits and eat good! It’s time to separate KIN from the friends..aka FIENDS, those addicted to your personality but have no interest in your soul…those getting high off of you but have nothing to bring to the table with some substance.

It’s harvest season and I’m only eating with those that push me to be greater…. those that are compatible with my highest self…because ONLY an enemy would entertain me while I’m at my lowest. I’d rather have a few KIN than to allow fiends to hold space in my life and take me away from my purpose on this earth.

They say time is money. From my perspective, PEACE is money too. If any connection costs me my peace, then it’s too expensive.

Your peace is your current…see?

Peace is your currency. πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

Let your light shine before the world even if it blinds them.


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5 Comments Add yours

  1. pvcann says:

    Yes kindred, soul friends.


    1. I have realized just how important it is to know the difference! πŸ™‚


      1. pvcann says:

        It really does matter, I learned the hard way. πŸ™‚


      2. We all do. I wish the insincere ones came with a stamp on their forehead so we wouldn’t waste our time. But sometimes it’s those hard lessons that stick like glue!


      3. pvcann says:

        Yes indeed, I do so agree πŸ™‚


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