Flowerchild777 Updates!

Happy Saturday Flowerchild777 Fam!

Today, I have an important announcement concerning the redirection of this brand.

This recording was done approximately 3 months ago. I purposefully delayed the release of this so that I could receive spiritual insight on this decision and since then, I have been given provision that the name Flowerchild777 will still stand as is. However, there will be an additional branch that stems from Flowerchild777 that will fully encompass the vision for my purpose. I will give more updates as I receive wisdom of this.

Please listen to the recording in its entirety and feel free to leave your thoughts.

Thank you to anyone who has followed my journey thus far and I completely understand if my decision is not in alignment with your beliefs. However, this will be the fulcrum of my brand moving forward. I appreciate your support and wish you all the best in your journey!


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