How to Crop Digital Stickers in Goodnotes planner

  • Download PNG transparent sheets from Etsy and save images to your Photos folder.
  • Open Goodnotes 5 to the page you are wanting to import stickers, such as a planner or calendar page.
  • Either double tap or Press and hold down the “Image icon”.
  • Select the image/sticker page you want to import.
  • To ensure that it is transparent, press and hold the image and you should see the background turn black.
  • The page should import as a transparent image with multiple stickers and that’s what we want.
  • After the page imports, press and hold the image and you will see the selection “Crop.”
  • Choose “Crop” and select “Freehand.”
  • Lasso around the image you are desiring to crop and then press “Done.
  • You can easily resize image as shown in the video below.
  • Repeat this step per image!

To see more of our digital planner stickers in our Etsy shop, click the link below!


Another method is by adding the individual Pre-cropped stickers directly to a goodnotes file. Click the video below for a tutorial.

Be sure to locate the zip file in your download folder and click on it to extract the files into a new folder.


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