Accept the losses and Reshift your focus

Happy Saturday, Flowerchild777 Fam!

If you have experienced a financial loss or loss of a job during this pandemic period and the aftermath, then this message is for you! This message was most definitely for ME, but if it can help me, then I know that it may help you as well. Listen to my thoughts and leave your comments below!

I hope this message inspires you to keep going no matter what obstacle is thrown in your path. Obstacles strengthen a muscle that you haven’t used yet! Listen, when I had to do that low crawl up a steep hill in Basic Training with the side of my face IN the dirt, my BMT instructor told me that I didn’t have ENOUGH dirt on my face when I got up. The look on my face could have murdered everyone around me. He said get down there again and this time put your face down lower! He said I was trying to be too cute with the low crawl. So that next time, I made sure I MARINATED my face in the dirt so that I wouldn’t have to do that low crawl again! 😂😂😂

So, if you’re in your low season right now and you feel like you’re doing the LONGEST LOW CRAWL IN HISTORY, you lost a job, you’re struggling financially, then make sure you dig DEEP! Let it flow. Release resistance. Accept the lesson even if you don’t quite know what that lesson is! Ask for guidance if you need to and ask for the lesson to be revealed. You will soon see the errors in your approaches and/or you will be reminded of what YOU ASKED FOR concerning your life.

Learn the lesson so you don’t have to repeat this again. Ask yourself what is this loss here to teach you? Was that job in alignment with your purpose or was it a distraction from it? Did you put yourself in that job because of fear of loss of income instead of yielding to The Almighty’s plan for your life? If it needed to be snatched away from you so that you could be redirected into a new path that will bring you joy, peace, blessings, BLISS, abundance, and so much more, then take this uncomfortable period like medicine and THIS TIME allow The Almighty to direct your path so that you can be a full time ambassador for your purpose!

Cry, scream, and be angry and then shake it off and get back to your purpose! You’ve got this!


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