Exciting Updates!!

Hey Flowerchild777 Fam! I know that I have been M.I.A. just a tad. So, I wanted to come to the blog to give you guys the scoop on what’s been going on in my life and also describe what’s to come for the brand in the near future!

Firstly, I just gave birth to my 4th child, August Jahlil!

He is a healthy baby with a pretty impressive appetite! I can’t wait to share my homebirthing experience with you guys because it was a serious challenge for me, but so necessary, personally, for my spiritual journey and my evolution into another level of empowerment. So be on the lookout for that blog post coming soon.

My daughter Ailani, who is 17 months, has also not completed her breastfeeding journey, so she is taking FULL advantage of the new milk supply LOL! I never imagined myself being an exclusive breastfeeding mother of 1 and here I am tandem nursing 2 babies! I am truly amazed at the intricate design of women.

I have been in full Mommy-duty mode over the past few months, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. And since our family has expanded unexpectedly within the last year, we are now shopping for our first home as well. Our temporary 2 bedroom apartment has become so crammed for us!

We originally intended for our space to be a 4-6 month stay when it was just 4 members, but I guess due to the extra quality time we have spent as a couple during this pandemic, we have found time to create 2 more additions to our family and now we need a bigger space! So, we have been busy with that as well scouring homes with our trustee Realtor.

Secondly, I’m excited to say that Flowerchild777 shop has kicked up some steam! As of February 27th, 2022, our shop has sold over 300 items and has over 40 5-star reviews! Etsy has provided a platform for Flowerchild777 to expand in new ways I didn’t forsee in the beginning and I am enjoying riding the waves! My pregnancy gave me so much creative energy, I took advantage of that as well and created 20+ new products such as printable journal prompts, tees, checklists, affirmation cards, digital planner stickers, and coffee mugs.

You can find all tees and printables by clicking the Shop With Us link above in the menu bar. I will be creating multiple blog posts going in depth on some of our bestsellers.

We have been doing so well, I’ve actually decided to register Flowerchild777 as an official business and that is why you will now see Flowerchild777 Destination Wellness on our website!

I’m extremely excited for what’s in store for this year. More updates will be flooding in as I receive my mission assignments! You guys know that this brand encompasses my soul mission and I am always excited for new opportunities to assist as many humans as I can.

For 2022, I’m claiming prosperity, abundance, mental clarity, wholeness, continued enlightenment, growth, expansion, and renewal for myself and my family and I hope that you will claim the same for yourself as well!


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  1. Congratulations on the new arrivals (“quality time” indeed! lol)! And glad things are going so well for you! Also, I have to admit that your new business gives me ideas on how I might pursue my own calling as a healer, so I know it was unintended on your part, but thank you.

    My best wishes for all your endeavors.

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    1. Thanks so much Louise! That’s what I’m here for to inspire! I’m happy that I could help you spark a new business idea. This is definitely the year for stepping fully into your purpose, especially being a healer. The world is in desperate need of real healers who have the gift to see deeper into a person’s ailments. I’m sure you will do great!


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