Until you’re Sick and Tired of Suffering, then You won’t Change.

Flowerchild777 Fam…It’s Truthful Thursday!

Today, I wanted to talk about accountability for a moment. It’s a word that many run away from, but it’s a vital factor in our healing journey.

I often ask myself why it is easier for some to make critical changes in their life versus others and I think this term accountability answers that question.

Sometimes we come to a road block in our healing journey. We get all the up to a certain point and then we realize we’re not elevating further, but can’t figure out why. Healing happens in layers. First, you clear up the surface level issues that are evident. But then, there’s a thing called the healing crisis.

Oh, that’s not the part that’s beautified and talked about a whole lot. You see, the purge that happens in your body when you change your habits for the better is actually detoxing you on a cellular level, not just on the surface. So, you often feel worse before you feel better. Healing is not a pleasant process in the beginning.

So, when it comes to the time to tap in deeper to unravel those embedded beliefs/ideas, that’s when we start to second guess the journey and tell ourselves that maybe we should just go back to doing what we were doing before because the symptoms don’t feel good. Yeah, we want to tap out at the first sign of a deep purge. It’s too much!! It’s uncomfortable and it sucks! But, what about the end result? What if this is what it takes in order for you to get to the highest level of human experience? Will it be worth it to you then? What if your children’s future rested on your choice to say NO MORE? How much does their livelihood mean to you?

Accountability affords us the opportunity to take a hard look in the mirror and say you know what, I want <<this>> particular lifestyle, but I’m a little weak right now. I don’t know how to change and I don’t know what to do.

That motivation that we ask for won’t come in the form of a motivational speaker, not for those stubborn strongholds we have. It’s going to manifest in the form of someone coming into your life offering an unconventional and unthinkable solution OR it will come to you in the form of karma. From my experience, it’s a little more smoother sailing by following the guidance of someone who has been there, done that. Unfortunately, sometimes our ego won’t allow us to accept that help and we have to let karma teach us a lesson. That’s when all the unhealthy mindsets and habits have reached a threshold in your life account, and a hard lesson comes to prepare you for the fight of your life.

That is when your core strength is put to the test and you will either sink or swim! In reality, you chose this challenge because you needed something that would trigger those deeply rooted programs that kept you planted in mediocrity. Your soul required that battle cry in order to spark a flame to get your wheels turning in the right direction.

So, when I say this…

That’s what I mean. Until you hit the point of exhaustion from repeating the same unproductive cycles that lead to unnecessary suffering, then you won’t be ready to change your life for the better.

Suffer: allow to occur or continue, permit, tolerate, fail to prevent.

Etymology Online

You see, suffering is actually a CHOICE, particularly for those who are past the age of expected maturity. When YOU ALLOW something to continue to happen, then by default that means you had a choice to deny the occurrence, correct? To permit and to tolerate means that YOU are not blocking an energy’s access to you or your reality. You haven’t put any preventative measures in place to safeguard your life, so the consequence is suffering.

A part of you just may not be tired of the toxicity. Sometimes we become comfortable with dysfunction because that’s all we know. Dysfunction feels like a nurturing nest to those who spent most of their lives in that realm. If you haven’t experienced paradise yet, from your own pursuit or from being a witness to someone else’s paradise, then you will lack any real motivation to get there.

Sometimes, we like to fathom the IDEA of breaking generational habits, but won’t put in any real work.

Change is in the word CHAlleNGE. So, if you haven’t been challenged, then you won’t change. You have to be okay with being uncomfortable for a temporary moment and dig deeper on a soul level to eradicate those inner issues. You have to be willing to let go of the gamble with life mindset and change before that karmic debt piles up and the law of nature requires for you to change in order to continue to live on the planet.

You have to stop caring so much about being LIKED. Throw away the quantity over quality mindset. Gain the courage to break ties from those low-vibrating associations and get around some people who will hold you accountable for the mess that YOU continue to make.

Do you have a circle of Fiends or KINDred spirits?

You have to stop making excuses for how you are, chalking your irresponsible behavior up to a personality trait that many have just accepted about you. Instead of saying, “That’s just how I am,” start expressing statements of accountability…”I have been behaving in this way because…” and then offer a statement that will address the change you are willing to make to do better.

Surround yourself with people who will remind you of what you said you wanted to do in order to be better and cut off enablers. All of those so-called friends that will laugh you towards a path of demise, they should have been cut off CENTURIES ago! All of the ones who held their tongue and sat back and watched you make silly moves knowing full well that you were headed for destruction, get them out of your life NOW. They’re poison to you. They have no love for you, because they have no love for themselves. Kindred spirits resonate with your soul’s purpose and they see you as familia! They would never sit back and watch you fail without warning you.

If you’re TIRED, exhausted, drained, and have no more energy to give to low quality life experiences, then make those adjustments TODAY so that you can start experiencing the best that life has to offer. It’s your choice…Do you want to Evolve or Revolve?

You won’t get any further by procrastinating with your healing!

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