This 7-step Vision Board Checklist is the most effective way to bring your dreams into fruition.

What is a vision board and how does it work?

Vision boards have become the go-to visualization technique for many to see their dreams up close and personal.

I have witnessed various vision boards that were designed in such an artistic expression, I can see just how a person’s dreams become more achievable, because the vision board brings the imaginative images to life. The vision board template serves as motivation for moments when faith in ourselves dwindles and we desire to see something in our waking reality to help us maintain steadfastness while working on our goals.

Why create a vision board?

Vision boards are often created just before the Gregorian New Year as a way to set goals for new accomplishments. These goals can be long-term or short-term. But, in case you didn’t know, vision boards can be created any time of the year and for any goal.

For example, you can create a vision board for weight loss goals or for a wholistic lifestyle.

What does a vision board look like?

Here is an example of what a vision board looks like. It is basically a collage of inspirational pictures and affirmations to help motivate a person to go after their dreams.

How to make a vision board

“How to make a vision board” by is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Recently, my family and I created a vision board for 2021!

In the past, we have been successful traveling the world, living in multiple countries outside of the United States, and setting goals for multiple income streams upon returning to the states. The techniques that we have used have helped us tremendously with this.

What should a vision board include?

A vision board should include vibrant and influential images that are symbolic of the goals you want to accomplish.

When designing a vision board, it is critical to understand where your mindset is prior to designing your vision board. The mental process and being in alignment with your desires are key factors in bringing your dreams into fruition.

In this unconventional guide, I have created 7 CRUCIAL elements to consider prior to creating a life transforming vision board no matter what age you are and it can be used any time throughout the year!

Create a vision board

Vision board Checklist: Consider these 7 critical tips during the design process.

1. Think about the Art of Writing.

When I sang this song, Write the Vision, as a little girl, I really didn’t comprehend what it truly meant.

Write the vision
Make it plain
That they may run And not faint
Though the vision
Is only for a while
It shall speak
And not lie

-Patrick Love

As I got older and began to realize that my thoughts and feelings always seemed to play out exactly as I had imagined, this was when I recognized the significance of writing/SPELLING as a form of goal planning.

Whenever you write your dreams and visions on paper, you are outlining the blueprint to your dreams. You are making it plain and clear to the exact degree. You are like a mason laying the foundation before the building phase begins.

Writing the vision is the first step of goal planning. With this step, you are able to see the words before you SPEAK the words.

If you’ve been following Flowerchild777 for a while, you know that I always say words are spells.


Be cautious of what you speak, because it may come to pass. And a lot of times, we use words out of context.

vision board

We have been taught that if you insert a ‘k’ just before the word night, then it makes it a different word. And I believe that is untrue. Read further as I describe my reasoning.

2. Study Word Etymology and Pronunciations.

Word etymology teaches us the root or origin of a word. It takes us back to the beginning of a word’s usage.

Word pronunciation instructs us on how to SPEAK words.

According to Roger’s Reference, there are over 9,000 homonyms and homophones in the English language! Basically, the English language gives us 9,000 ways to be confused!

We can take time to learn every single one OR we can recognize that words with the same pronunciation mean the same regardless of what we are taught, because those words have the same vibration and frequency.

For example:

  • to, two, too.
  • For and four.
  • Knight and night.
  • Write and rite.
  • Plain and plane.

Now, we can keep the definitions for these words in mind to have a general understanding of others’ intentions and to have a working knowledge of popular meanings. However, as we are creating our vision board and creating affirmations that will help us to bring these dreams to fruition, we want to be sure we are using words in its proper context based on etymology and sound.

I speculate that homonyms and homophones were created to code language. If you teach people that a word means something else other than the intended meaning, then the audience would never catch on to the true message and you can speak curses aloud without anyone expecting a thing.

Dog whistling is used in political speaking as coded language.

Coded language was also used in war to keep the ENEMY from knowing tactical plans.

In the heat of battle, it is of the utmost importance that messages are delivered and received as quickly as possible. It is even more crucial that these messages are encoded so the enemy does not know about plans in advance.

Navajo Code Talkers and the Unbreakable Code

As one can see, coded language does not always have wicked intentions. Sometimes it is necessary to safeguard communications, which brings us to the 3rd tip in creating a vision board.

3. Safeguard your vision!

Think of the reasons for WHY these goals must come to fruition.

Most of us hold our dreams and goals near and dear to our heart. We regard those desires as sacred treasures.

So….do we hide our treasures or do we display them openly for others to steal?

I don’t know about you guys, but I keep my most valuable possessions in a safe place so no one can steal them!

As described above how language can be coded in a beneficial way, KEEP YOUR VISION BOARD TO YOURSELF.

If you feel the urge to share, I would suggest only sharing with kindred spirits, those have good intentions for you and actually CARE to see you prosper in life. 

Use your intuition as a guide. Just because a person is a family member or you are working in the same industry, that does not mean they can be trusted with your personal visions that are in alignment with your purpose on the planet. So, keep that vision board to yourself to the best of your ability.

4. Spellcheck your Visions.

If we see the words we plan to use before we actually speak it, then we can do a cross reference to the etymology of that word and its meaning in the dictionary to see if it lines up. Afterwards, we can make an informed decision if those words are benevolent or malevolent/cursed.

With the advancement of technology, we can now use keystroke to place words on a computer or other device. That gives us the option to SPELLCHECK before we send the communication.

I always spellcheck medical records before I place it into a patient’s EMR. The electronic medical record cannot have any errors. If a patient has had left knee problems for the duration of their visitations, but a right knee is annotated in their charts, when it is time for surgery, the wrong knee could be operated on if the mistake is not caught.

So if it is important to spellcheck and cross reference medical records, realize that it is also vital for you to spellcheck words before you speak it and/or reiterate that utterance or SPELL.

We are basically double checking the words before we send out a vibration through our mouths. This makes our vision PLAIN and clear. We want to speak EXACTLY what our intentions are.

This ensures there are no interferences or distortions in our communication. We do not want our visions/dreams, something that we hold sacred, to become lost in translation and then we are unable to see it come into fruition. We want to speak the vision with wisdom of the words so that the vision will speak and not lie.

5. Think of writing your vision as the initiative process to your Rite of Passage.

Rite of passage: a ritual, event, or experience that marks or constitutes a major milestone or change in a person’s life.

If you think about it, this vision board design IS a ritual or act that symbolizes a significant shift in your life. This vision board is like for your rite of passage preparing you for the life of your dreams! So treat it as such.

6. Power your vision board with RIGHT intentions.

The most crucial element is to power our vision with right intentions.

Right: that which is morally correct, just, or honorable.

It’s a fact that people can create from a space of envy, greed, power, attention-seeking, competition, etc. We always see humans who are fueled by malevolence attain “success.” But, to have success means to get on well, prosper, and to be victorious.

In my 31 years of life, I’ve only seen those with pure hearts have prosperity/good fortune in life. I’ve only seen those with persistence and dedication have longevity with their endeavors versus those who cheated or stepped on others to get to a certain position.

As Lauryn Hill says..

How you gon’ win, when you ain’t right within?

Doo Wop

Those with sound minds and pure hearts tend to be in alignment with truth/unconditional love. Because their compass is magnetized using the frequency of integrity and virtue, these individuals are more equipped to navigate the journey in spite of turbulence and other things that may shake up the voyage.

If you find that your aspirations aren’t pure, then there’s a high probability you have some healing to do in some area of your life. It’s important to talk with a psychotherapist or other mental health professional for you to figure out the origin of your malicious intentions.

7. wRite the Vision, Make it pLANE!

Now let’s begin the DESIGN portion of the vision board! Finally, right?! This is what you came here for!

The design portion is actually the easiest part of the vision board. We had to get the mental in alignment beforehand to make sure we are creating and manifesting from a pure place, or else or aspirations won’t have any real stamina. We will easily become discouraged, unmotivated, and even act out of desperation when the foundation of our dreams and visions aren’t growing from healthy soil.

So now that you are in the right space to create a life transforming vision board, let’s CREATE!!

Some supplies you will need include:

  • 1-2 outdated magazines.
  • Sticky notes.
  • Double-sided tape or glue stick.
  • Large Poster Board, Pinboard, or Cork Board.
  • Pins.
  • Inspirational Stickers.
  • Sharpie Markers.

Where to buy a vision board?

This DIY vision board is very inexpensive. You can find all of these supplies at a local store that sells crafts, such as Walmart or Dollar General.

Or you can purchase a neat little kit from

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The magazines can be used to find pictures that closely depict what you are wanting to manifest. For example, if you’re looking to live a life free of debt within a certain time span, you may find a picture in the magazine with a person cutting up their credit card or a person selling their home. Magazine images will provide you with great quality images.

Cut those out, and either pin it on your cork board or glue it on your poster board. Then decorate using stickers. If you want to manifest a loving relationship, maybe find some heart stickers.

Use your sharpie marker and sticky notes to write positive motivational messages to yourself. And speak in a tone that is fitting for YOU. If you know that you can be a little stubborn, then write motivational messages as if you’re a Military Training Instructor! This was what was required for me during basic training to complete my fitness goals. And I was the most fit during that time! So use what’s needed for YOU.

Just get creative! And design it so that when you look at it during moments of doubt, you’re pushed that much harder. You want to make your vision board so irresistibly convincing that you have no other options but to complete your goals.

As long as the heart is pure, the vision will be 20/20. You will be able to distinctly visualize your dream, write a plan, and create a vision board so vivid you will begin to act on those goals expeditiously and see it in your reality before you know it!

Make your vision solid (plane=pLANE=level=direct) and follow the path to your vision all the way through NO MATTER WHAT.

Make your vision as an airplane and let it soar at a cruising altitude where no distraction can misdirect its path.

You must have the tunnel vision as Justin Timberlake on his album The 20/20 Experience, where ALL you see is your dreams becoming a reality. You cannot allow naysayers or dream killers into your scope of view.

YOU’VE GOT THIS!! I have confidence IN YOU and your abilities!! But what matters the most is that you do as well.

You are stronger than you have ever imagined of yourself. Cast doubt and other self-limiting beLIEfs so far from your aura and release the resistance to healing so that you can claim what belongs to you.

Image result for ase meaning african

If you have found these words to be encouraging or of some significance, leave your comments and SHARE THIS with someone else! Help others to transform their mindset as well. This may be the message they are desiring to change their life.

For a more in-depth personal guide to help you map out your dream life, visit our Shop and download our 59 page Vision board Planner for Life and Business!

Vision Planner

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  1. This post is a confirmation of what I have planned. Fortuitously, I was affirmed in my employment, for a few days this school year and permanently for 2019-20. I also found some long missing items, in my storage shed.

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    1. Yes!!! I am so happy this resonated with you and congrats!!

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