These Mindfulness Monday Tips will turn your Monday Blues into Monday Bliss

Happy Mindfulness Monday!

What is Mindfulness?

While writing this post, I am sitting with my children watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. All of a sudden, a tune begins to play that says..

🎵🎵When Something Seems Bad, Turn It Around and Find Something Good!🎵🎵

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is just a modern day and animated Mister Roger’s Neighborhood (for the 80s and 90s babies). This series teaches children important life lessons using jingles that they can easily remember.

I love for my babies to watch this program to begin their day and set healthy positive affirmations. And, to no surprise of my own, I find myself singing songs from the program as well!

Children are naturally optimistic. They are simplistic and really only require food, fun, and laughter in order to be happy. But as adults, sometimes it’s much easier for us to focus on the 20,000 things that go wrong in our life and totally forget about all the things that are going right. I’m guilty of this!

I think most of us catch ourselves doing this on Monday after we have enjoyed those 2 days spending time relaxing with family. It’s like an every week battle to make it to Friday to prepare for Self-Love Saturday and Soulful Sundays!

Sometimes we catch ourselves having the Monday Blues… complaining more than we practice gratitude.

Mondays are often referred to as “dreadful”…like Wyclef said..🎼”She don’t wanna, she don’t wanna work on Monday.”

BUT what if we recognized each Monday as Mindfulness Monday instead? What if we spoke a statement of gratitude instead?


I may not be working in my purpose just yet, but I’m thankful I have income during this pandemic.

I may be completely overwhelmed with emotions for having to work on a day I would really enjoy resting, but I’m thankful I have an opportunity to make money for my family.

Mindfulness Monday Idea

Someone is unconscious in a hospital bed this rising due to a tragic injury or an illness and are unaware that they’re even in the world.

While you perceive this day as unfavorable, someone else didn’t get a chance to witness this day at all.

Think about the millions of humans on the planet who struggle to find nourishment everyday? We don’t have to look in other countries to witness this. On your way to your place of employment, look under the bridge, around the park, or near any of your city’s downtown businesses.

Instead of complaining today, how about speaking this gratitude affirmation…

I’m thankful that I’m able to actually CHOOSE what I want to eat for breakfast, because someone had to eat out of the trashcan for their first meal. Someone hasn’t had a meal in 3 days!

Or what about….

I’m thankful I at least had a bed to roll out of this rising, because someone had a piece of cardboard to roll over on. Someone had to sleep outside in the elements. I am thankful to have had a warm bed and a roof over my head for protection.

Boho Affirmation Cards

Think of these things every Monday or any time you feel a disgruntlement statement formulating in your mind.

Be mindful of the things you choose to focus on, because where focus goes energy flows.

If you focus on all of the perceived negative occurrences in your reality, then those experiences will become larger than life. And soon you will see yourself drowning in a sea of ungratefulness and lack of optimism.

Instead, count your BLiSSINGS!

To be in a state of bliss means to be in perfect happiness, understanding that our circumstances aren’t always pleasurable, but there’s a high probability it’s more optimal than someone else’s circumstance.

I guarantee that you have something to be thankful for that someone else is wishing they had.

Today, let’s practice mindfulness! And if you aren’t where you want to be in life, what’s stopping you from making your dreams a reality? We are creators. Try putting less energy towards complaining and more energy towards your passion. Sooner than later, your Mondays will begin to look like your Fridays. 🙂

Blissful Life Affirmations

Mindfulness Monday Tip Bonus

Instead of saying “Good Morning,” practice saying these phrases.

  • Buenos dias
  • Good day
  • Happy Sunrise
  • Happy Rising

Here’s why.

Mourning: the expression of deep sorrow for someone who has died, typically involving following certain conventions such as wearing black clothes.

As I describe in this post about bringing your dreams into fruition with the perfect vision board, the English language has innumerous homophones! And this makes the English language the most jumbled, confusing language on the planet.

Life and death is in the power of the tongue (la lengua = your language = your lingo).

We are taught that words that sound the same can mean different things. But here on Flowerchild777, we teach that words are spells and that the Universe recognizes vibrations, tones, and frequencies and responds accordingly.

Therefore, morning really equals mourning. They are the same.

And don’t just take my word for it! Let’s check the pronunciation guide!

With this mindset, it keeps us from speaking things that have negative connotations. We want to speak exactly what our intentions are.

So, because there are other phrases that have very positive connotations and uplifting vibes, why not use those instead?

There’s no such thing as a good “mourning.”

Practice using other phrases that bring cheer to the start of your day and see if it makes a difference!

Grab a copy of our Mindfulness Journal if you would like even more Mindfulness prompts and ideas.

Printable Mindfulness Journal

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Mindfulness Monday

6 Comments Add yours

  1. ShiraDest says:

    Good point!
    Maybe I’ll have to change my Moody Mondays to Mindful Mondays?


    1. Yess!! I think Mindful Monday will be more inspiring for you! See if it changes how you feel from week to week.


      1. ShiraDest says:

        Hmm, ok, let me try that. I’ll change my Monday template now. Hope to see your thoughts on those posts if you have time next month.
        Happy hols


      2. Absolutely I will! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this post. I’m glad you could take something positive from it and I look forward to reading your future posts. 🙂


  2. mcallaway23 says:

    Enjoyed reading this post!!!😊 I too will start practicing this! WELL SAID!!!💖


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