Gratitude is the attitude that elevates your Altitude

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Gratitude is the attitude that elevates your altitude!

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Just an ounce of gratitude a day is the ingredient that will turn what you have into enough so much so, you will actually be unconsciously creating room for more. This sounds extremely cliche, but you’re in the right place to have this wise saying broken down in a way that you can digest it and comprehend fully what it really equates to.

Gratitude is the electric charge that, combined with a proper attitude, will create an overflow of everything in your life!

Gratitude is Appreciation, valuing something highly. Appreciation is an enhancement in value and it even means to receive WITH gratitude.

What you don’t appreciate DEpreciates!

Let me give you an example. You know when you take a vehicle to the car dealership and they tell you they have to value your trade-in for less than what it’s worth because it has scratches and dings in various places or the electrical components are a bit faulty? In essence, your vehicle depreciated more in value because you didn’t tend to it properly. You weren’t happy with the vehicle because it wasn’t the car of your dreams! So, you just let it fall apart. You didn’t see its worth and therefore the estimate of its value became less.

“The consumption society has made us feel that happiness lies in having things, and has failed to teach us the happiness of not having things.” 

-Elise Boulding

As I’ve stated previously in another post, the Western culture SURVIVES on this generally-accepted principle that success is measured by what you have materialistically. Most of these prosperity doctrines teach you to go hard, work more, hustle, and go against the grain to capture the things you want in life. But, how often do we hear what you already have is sufficient?

How often are we taught that gratitude is not a platitude, it’s THE MAGNITUDE. When we’re so busy hustling and bustling, we’re thinking about the latter instead of the latitude (where we currently are). We’re looking for a future moment to be content, thinking that climbing the ladder to success will get us to a final destination of happiness, but it won’t. Because the ladder mentality means that you are below a desired position. The gratitude mentality teaches us we are already there!

You will begin to experience low-quality realities whenever you start undervaluing your present🎁. You know when you were a child and your sibling’s gift looked more desirable than the gift you had for Christmas? You wanted what your brother or sister was gifted with. You becane so bothered, you didn’t even say thank you to your parents and afterwards you let the present sit in your space and collect dust!

That’s the energy you give whenever you begin to look at what others have and become unappreciative of your gift (present). Your present moment will start feeling valueless, unenjoyable, unexciting, unworthy of your attention and appreciation. And then it begins to depreciate in value.

Gratitude is the frequency that generates a current within your atmosphere to begin INCREASING the quality of your life experience. You will feel like you are soaring high above the clouds everyday when you take time to be grateful of the current things you have in life.

You don’t have to believe me. Let’s look at it mathematically.

Gratitude + Attitude = Altitude

Gratitude is goodwill and thankfulness. Gratitude derives from gwerə-, Proto-Indo-European root meaning “to favor,” which also forms part of the word gratuity, a spontaneous free gift. Spontaneous means effortless, occurring without external stimulus.

Attitude is the posture or position of a figure and position is a state of being or attitude in relation to circumstances.

Altitude means to grow, nourish, and it is the elevation to a vertical extent above the horizon.

You know how an airplane, a Boeing777, takes you to a certain cruising altitude to create a superior passenger-preferred comfort? You know how Flowerchild777, this website, was designed to take you higher with your life experience by sparking the liberated spirit within you so that you can grow?

Have you been wondering what the Heck is a Flowerchild777?! Learn the origin of the brand name from the Founder.

Gratitude will have you thinking you are crusing in an airplane everyday. Regardless of what may be going on around you, you will be in a state of bliss.

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Envision this concept with an open, imaginative mind. When you combine gratitude, or goodwill, meaning steering your will (wheel) into a direction that is optimum (having an optimistic attitude, you then position yourself into a circumstance that creates spontaneous free gifts in your present 🎁 that will elevate your overall satisfaction with life above the horizon, beyond what you can even envision with your physical eyes.

Does that make sense? Have you put it all together in your mind what gratitude really means?

Think about this whenever you feel like having gratitude is a waste of time or energy. Think about this concept whenever you feel like gratitude is a new-aged trend that many are just profiting on and getting people’s hopes up. Know that there is an actual science behind gratitude and it can be seen on various levels. The magic is taking place on an energetic level without force or stimuli. The attitude of gratitude will always work in your favor. Your peace of mind increases, your joy and your radiance increases. That is worth more than any physical possession one could ever own.

Appreciate where you are right now in your journey and watch the magic happen for you afterwards. The secret to bringing abundance into fruition is not hoping and moping for more. You must value your present, because the *present* is a Gift, before any room can be made in your life for more.

“If one’s life is simple, contentment has to come. Simplicity is extremely important for happiness. Having few desires, feeling satisfied with what you have, is very vital: satisfaction with just enough food, clothing, and shelter to protect yourself from the elements.” 

-The Dalai Lama

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