Your life of Zeal won’t be revealed until your desire to H.E.A.L outweighs your fear to Feel…

Alright Flowerchild777 Fam…

Today is Truthful Thursday! It’s time to address some uncomfortable truths for accountability sake.

I started this Ugly Truth Series for myself, first and foremost. Most concepts that I bring to the blog are really just notes of self-reflection and self-realization.

I remember a time when I would beat myself up for not being at a certain destination in life based on what I believed I was qualified for. Now that I am able to reflect on the person I was at the time, I realize that while I was hoping for all of those things, the ugly, unpleasant, yet honest truth is I was not ready for what I was asking for at that time.

My problem was, I was an all-knowing child. I had the answer to everything. I could research the hell out of a topic. I could analyze a situation forward, backwards, upside down, and all around the globe. But it took life experiences to unravel those deep inner wounds that little ol’ Ms. Sconiers wasn’t so hip to. I knew about everything else EXCEPT my own mess.

I had the voice of a lioness, ready to tell others about what they needed to do in order to succeed in life, but I lacked wisdom of the healing I needed to do in order to progress further in MY journey! The problem was, I thought I was already a Master at life before the age of 30 when I really still needed to be a student.


derives from Latin studium aka study, which means to devote oneself to, apply oneself to the acquisition of learning, application of the mind to the acquisition of knowledge, intensive reading and contemplation of a book, writings, etc.

Most scholars or those who have reached a  doctoral degree in the school of life dedicate their time to studying; I mean really digging into compilations of wise proverbs, books written by other scholars, and speaking one on one with elders. 

The physical world has shown us that we must study in colleges and institutions in order to become a member of the corporate civilization. We spend most of our time in pursuit of these materialistic things so much we forget about our spirit and the work that must be done in order to advance in the school of life, a realm that is not monitored or controlled by the elites of the world. Spiritual work for our soul involves the spirit realm alone.

When I speak of a life of bliss in most of my writings, I am not speaking about prosperity on a level of materialism. I am speaking of emotional and spiritual balance, harmony, peace of mind, and wholeness in spirit.

I recognize that a person can have all the money in the world, the biggest house on the block, and all the possessions there is to have, and still be empty inside. No amount of physical prosperity can erase emotional and spiritual bankruptcy. In order to clear that debt, one must dedicate time studying areas that involve spiritual advancement, such as areas in life where one may have been hurt or wounded. We must be willing to invest time and sometimes money to sort out those issues and gain a healthy maturity in those areas.

Self-Help Printable Shadow Work Journal

Some of us want to experience higher quality life experiences but are extremely unmotivated in our efforts. We want to take the easy road of lesser challenges. We don’t want to read books pertaining to healing the mind and body, we want 2 minute YouTube videos to give us all the deets quick, fast, and in a hurry because when it pertains to personal human development, we somehow just do not have time for it!

We won’t set aside time to speak with a mental health professional whose purpose on the planet is to invoke healing. We have zero time allocated to watch videos related to psychological illnesses, but have more than enough time to watch entertainment programs, those put in place to retain the mind in amusing social behaviors.

Listen, a life of uninterrupted bliss requires work! It requires dedication and discipline. It even requires sacrifice and investment. You must be willing to give up certain things of the world, including associations and familiar connections, that are not in alignment with your spirit’s purpose.

If you’re not ready to put in the time to advance on that level, then just admit THAT and be comfortable right where you are in life, but don’t disturb someone else’s bliss or become envious of their life when you have the same opportunity afforded to you as well.

The bottom line is….

Your life of Zeal won’t be revealed until your willingness to H.E.A.L outweighs your fear to Feel…

You must be open and willing to Halt Everything and Listen to Your Spirit. You must let go of the fear of feeling. Feelings permeate through our body as messengers. Feelings call attention to areas in our being that need balancing and resolution. It’s okay to FEEL. Feelings help us determine what needs healing.

You must possess an aching hunger for that life of PURA VIDA that greatly outweighs your fear of feeling.

That life of wholeness, tranquility, and harmony won’t magically appear in front of your face. There’s no club that you can pay dues to and gain automatic membership. YOU MUST PUT IN THE LABOR to witness the beautiful birth of the new life that you are hoping for.

If you want a life of ZEAL, one that involves great energy and enthusiasm in pursuit of your purpose and passions, then you must first HEAL. You won’t be able to truly appreciate the journey with unhealed wounds attached to your aura. Make an investment into your healing journey. Decide today that the costs will align with the benefits and observe how your life of bliss will blossom right in front of your eyes.


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