Autumn Affirmation to Protect your Crown

Here at Flowerchild777, we advocate for each human being to exercise authority over their own vessel as a birthright. It is our belief that we were placed into this earth realm as autonomous beings who follow the laws of The Almighty Creator given to us through our conscience.


1. conformity to what one considers to be correct, right, or morally good CONSCIENTIOUSNESS

2: sensitive regard for fairness or justice

3. an inner feeling or voice (intuition/discernment) viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior.

The crown is an adornment of the head worn as a symbol of sovereignty. In this particular circumstance, we are discussing sovereignty of our sacred spirit, body, and mind.

Right now, there are so many triggering phrases propagated throughout the media that I believe is an attempt to steer humanity into a direction of fear-based mind control and robotic obedience. It is becoming like a silent yet perceivable war to maintain the integrity of our genetic makeup with all of these experiments and so-called attempts to restore our world. Every solution is given except for returning to our Creator and using herbal remedies that have helped humans heal from innumerable ailments for centuries! It’s amazing that this hasn’t even been an option for us to consider! That is what leads me to believe another agenda is at play.

Also, we know by studying word etymology of corona and virus that a mass infiltration attempt of our crown is happening on a global scale. You can read more of my thoughts in the blog post below.

Coronavirus or Crown-venom?

So, since words are spells, this affirmation was created to combat the intended infiltration of humans’ minds to get us to behave irrationally and go along with the agenda as mindless sheep.

During Autumn and winter months, our defenses in the northern hemisphere is compromised with the sun rising later and nightfall beginning sooner. We have to work much harder to ensure our bodies are operating at optimum capacity. This Autumn affirmation, combined with daily habits of ingesting proper nutrients that do not cause inflammation or dis-ease in the body, will ensure that you remember this critical detail concerning your journey…

YOU have the power, authority, and birthrite to protect your *crown* from any *poison*.

Don’t let the mass fearmongering cause you to make irrational decisions concerning your temple. Put this affirmation into your mind and take action to protect yourself this Autumn.

Don’t let anyone or anything rob you of the power that you were born with. You were equipped with every tool to not only survive this life’s journey, but also to THRIVE.

Always be 4,5,6 steps or more ahead of those things or people who have intentions of harming you against your consent. Be mindful of every fear or unstable belief that you may have during this time. It’s important to dig deeper into the underlying triggers of your fears and the roots of your everyday rituals so that you can analyze them and resolve any discrepancies and begin to make decisions rationally concerning your body. After all, your body IS the temple.

Just to note, I am not staunchly against any treatment created as a product of nature or alternative/chemically-altered or engineered methods created by humans. I am simply advocating for making a decision based on rationality, research, and informed consent versus making a decision based on fear, irrationality, coercion, mandate, or incentive. What you do with your body is your choice! Just remember that you DO have a choice!


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