The Trigger of Loss Is Here…Now, What are WE going to Do About It?

Today is Self-Care Sunday!

Many humans across the planet utilize this day to cater to their spiritual needs, but how many of us actually take time to tap into our emotional needs on this day?

Emotions are just energy in motion, as I described in a previous blog post…

Panic Attacks and Why You Don’t Need to Control Them

Today, I wanted to piggy back on that concept of CONTROL.

Control: Latin contrarotulare, from contra- ‘against’ + rotulus ‘a roll’. 

Roll: Latin rotulus ‘a roll’, variant of rotula ‘little wheel

Etymology Online

Let me ask you guys a question…

What happens when we try to steer a wheel in the opposite direction of where it is naturally going? We get resistance, right? The wheel will tug back at us to let us know we are attempting a move that goes against Physics!

To control something, meaning to go against a roll…

….to go against a wave…

We eventually get knocked down! If we’re lucky, we walk away a little traumatized, but unscathed nonetheless. However, if we keep trying to push against the wave, we eventually drown!

Guys, this is what happens when we try to control circumstances in our lives. When we try to hold on tightly to people, connections, jobs, etc., that are due to expire, we get….Anxiety, depression, uneasiness, and panic.

Whenever we try to control things that are out of our jurisdiction, we get hit with a slew of uncomfortable emotions to sort of chasten us and remind us of the circle of life.

The stumbling block in life is forgetting there is a necessary balance on the planet to keep everything in harmony. It would be awesome to only experience bliss each day of our waking world, but the REALITY is that we will experience moments of misery or displeasure. It’s all apart of the balance.

Earth goes through cycles of death and regeneration as we see reflected in Autumn, Winter, and Spring. I will explain further later on in this post.

So, with that in mind…

Now that we are all experiencing the seasonal effects of LOSS during the pandemic period, what can we do about it?

Should we fuss and argue?

Should we go around advocating for every human to get a jab against their will in order to minimize the natural cycle of death?

Should we force companies to keep us on the payroll so that we won’t lose our possessions?

Will any of this bring about a beneficial solution in our world?

Listen to the audio in this 15 minute recording as I explain my thoughts of the time we’re in and leave your comments below.


We’ve been programmed to see death or loss personified as the Grim Reaper.

We have a programmed expectation for death to come upon us suddenly without warning, it’s gruesome, dark, and unbearable. So, it’s no surprise that we are all being triggered right now.

But, what if instead we were programmed with the idea that death is just a phenomenon where we return back to the darkness from which we came? What if this moment was supposed to be celebratory, hence the theme R.I.P., which means to Rest In Paradise.

I don’t know if you’ve ever visited an island before, but I can tell you that it is tranquil, quiet, peaceful, and blissful. If our loved ones departed this somewhat chaotic life in order to rest in a realm of tranquility, that is something to celebrate once we are able to accept the loss and grieve their departure.

Loss is an extremely triggering experience. It would be unrealistic to expect any human being to just deal with an unforeseen loss, especially the loss of a dear loved one. As I share in the audio, it took me 9 YEARS to resolve the loss of my childhood best friend.

In regard to loss of control, loss of possessions,or loss of a particular lifestyle, I believe that in order to experience less resistance in these times, we must learn how to navigate the wave and not fight against it.

My ultimate message here is for us to:

  • Take some time to first be authentic with how we are really feeling during this time.
  • Be gentle with ourselves.
  • Sit with our feelings and ask thought-provoking questions that will initiate healing.
  • Don’t expect ANYTHING! Just go WITH the flow.
  • Try to formulate solutions after experiencing loss instead of combating it with anger, more frustration, and any energy that will create more karmic lessons.

I hope this helps you in some way! Share with others who may be struggling with the concept of loss.


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