You are extremely Triggered during this pandemic and I think I know why….

This blog post is going to be an audio post today. The recording is from November 2020, so keep this is mind. My thoughts at that time, I feel, are still valid for where we currently are energetically as a collective.

There is still a ton of triggering happening with people deciding to refuse vaccination or refuse wearing masks at this time. I see it on Facebook statuses of people who are advocating for masks, shutdowns, and/or forced vaccination so that the U.S. can return to “normal.”

Although I have deep empathy for those who have experienced loss of a loved one during this time, (in fact, my mother loss her best friend of over 30 years in 2021 due to complications from respiratory distress), I still am an advocate for every person exercising their will as they see fit. I don’t believe any person should be forced or coerced to do anything their spirit rejects.

There are so many intricate pieces to this COVID-19 period that have not been fully uncovered in the media. I’m sure many of you have read articles or listened to interviews from Dr. Fauci and the discrepancies are alarming. In addition to this, many of us have intuitive abilities and have had information revealed to us on a spiritual level.

In this audio, I discuss some of the underlying and less apparent reasons why citizens are being triggered and I offer an unbiased opinion based on my own experience during this period.

After listening, please leave your thoughts below so that we can further the dialogue.


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