You want the truth, but you can’t handle the truth! PT. 1

Alright Flowerchild777 Fam…it’s Mindfulness Monday!

Usually I save the blunt, straight-shooter posts for Truthful Thursday, but this one had to be released TUH-day!

As I’ve told you guys before, this Flowerchild777 flight will be smooth for the most part, but we will come against some turbulence! Some of you have come on board in the middle of this journey while the Pura Vida and positive affirmations were being promoted. But then when it started to get a little rocky, some of you became silent!

Let’s talk about it!

I have noticed that there are so many of us that have been doing the inner work. We are right at the brink of the greatest transformation of our life. But something happens right before we get ready to make those permanent changes.

The struggle to shift happens when we realize there’s a deeply embedded belief or habit that we have become comfortable with that needs to be changed. When we get those messages that require us to change these familiar programs, that’s when we shut our ears off. We’re no longer willing to continue the journey, because someone said something that we didn’t want to hear.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we seek the truth but then reject it when it comes to us? Why do we unfollow or disregard those who come to us bringing a truth that isn’t popular? The positive affirmations were okay, because it didn’t require us to change anything. It helped us feel good about ourselves. We love the hope dope. The truth is only accepted when it’s whispered softly in our ear like sweet nothings. But when a fact is presented to us on an uncomfortable platter that hasn’t been beautified and it doesn’t display that perfect Facebook facade that we have modeled our lives after, we RUN.

I have a unique opinion about why this happens. Listen the the audio below and feel free to leave your thoughts!

The truth is not your enemy. The truth is here to set us all free if we let it. Practice hearing the truth through your heart and soul and not through your wounds and you will witness better transformations in your life.


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