You won’t get any further by procrastinating with your healing!

When you awakened this rising, what were your initial thoughts?

Were you thankful for this new chance to live life abundantly or did you gripe and complain because you feel there is nothing new to look forward to?

Did you set a mental affirmation that today will be the greatest day no matter what?

Or did you say..You know what, today I’m going to continue to go around in circles, repeating the same dysfunctional habits and expect a different outcome.

I hope that you can say for yourself that it was the first affirmation and not the latter, because the first affirmation is equivalent to self-love.

To Revolve is to move in a circular orbit around, to happen again, and to REPEAT.

To Evolve is to come forth gradually into being…to develop, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

We are the author of very thought and every decision in our life. We can decide to revolve in life. However, it is completely irrational and irresponsible of ourselves to believe that we can make this choice and expect evolution in our lives. We won’t reach any new heights by continuing to repeat the same lessons over and over again.

I’m going to be blunt with you. Your suffering is your choice AND living a blissful life is your choice! When we wholeheartedly desire things in life, we work hard for it! So, if you exhaust a ton of energy each day being negative, bitter, unforgiving, and/or dysfunctional, just imagine what would happen if you out forth that same energy or GREATER to live your best life!

Listen to my overall sentiments in the audio below and feel free to leave your comments!

Evolve is also synonymous with elevate and upgrade.

Elevate: raise the axis of (a piece of artillery) to increase its range.

Upgrade: raise (something) to a higher standard.

What’s your choice?


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