Peace is your Current..see?

Whoa! Is it me, or has this quarantine really given us a chance to examine our connections with clearer vision? When I said 2020 will be the year of seeing clearly, I wasn’t expecting it to be THIS clear!

Here on Flowerchild777, we discuss authentic FREEdom a lot…having sovereign authority/domination or power to be liberated! And a vital aspect of freedom is understanding that you have a right to declare PEACE over every aspect of your life.

A balanced mental health is imperative for us to thrive on a day to day basis. Therefore, if anyone is a threat to your continuous resonation of Pura Vida, boundaries have to be put in place to protect your sound mind.

In this post, I will go over some practical tips for you to reclaim your peace of mind so that you can be put into alignment to magnetize the life of your dreams sooner than later.

By the end of this post, you will understand why I say, “Peace is your currency.”

Erase guilt for releasing family members.

Do not feel guilty if you have to set firm boundaries moving forward. If you have found peace through all of the uncertainties during the COVID-19 period, then maintaining that peace is more important than holding on to disruptive/toxic connections. And don’t be surprised if it’s a blood relative who has to be released from your journey.

I always say…titles are illusions. We can become so mesmerized by a title that we have attached to a body, we neglect to check the heart or spirit of a person. Just because someone may be your first cousin, father, sister, or mother (I know it’s hard), that does not equate to an eternal bond. If someone is refusing to heal, they are content with being mentally unhealthy, AND they have a lack of respect for your peace, then adjustments have to be made!

Take responsiblity and forgive yourself.

Promise yourself that you won’t allow people to just take up space in your life because you’re afraid to let them go. It is self-abasing to hold space in your life for a connection that has a cycle of dysfunction.

One example for me, being married for 10 years as of 2020 and having 3 children, I had to release relationships with old acquaintances that no longer resonated with my journey.

I realized that some acquaintances (who were single and did not have children) weren’t fully accepting of my status, were extremely chatty/gossipy, and always tried to pull me away from my role as a mother and wife due to misunderstandings of what makes me happy AND selfishly wanting me to hangout to do single things.

My current status as a wife and mother was a choice. It was a decision that I’d made to endure the path regardless of how unconventional it was for my age group. My decision does not make me better than any of my peers, but these roles DO REQUIRE  great responsibility. So, I cannot operate as a single woman anymore. And I prioritize my family life not as an obligation, but because my family brings me joy, unconditional love, and  Peace.

Apart of me reclaiming my peace was accepting that I chose these connections from a space of not being authentic to myself. I listened to the crowd and assumed my roles were taking me away from freedom, when in reality, my presence with my family gives me much freedom in a safe and warm way.

I took responsibility for allowing people in my space that did not have the capacity to understand me and I had to forgive myself for doing so.

I had to take responsibility for ALLOWING these connections to take root in my life and transform me into a person who lacked the necessary protective boundaries. I had to forgive myself for that.

A part of me reclaiming my peace of mind was cutting the cord with those people.

Release to increase.

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If you want to experience joy and serenity on a DAILY basis, then you must loosen the grip you have on certain connections before you begin to bleed.

Release connections that no longer add to your present peace so that you can make room for your real soul tribe. As I’ve stated in a previous post, sometimes you have to take a moment and ask yourself if you have a circle of Fiends or Kindred Spirits!

Fiends will suck the life out of you. They’re addicted to your personality, but do not care for your soul.

Kindred connections will always act in a reciprocating manner. It is an equal give and take connection, very loving, and you always have a peace of mind in their company.

When you release something or someone from your energetic space, you increase the probability of adding more suitable connections to your life.

Daily positive affirmations to reclaim your peace

I have found that these affirmations work well when you find yourself guilty for wanting to have peace, even if it means releasing loved ones.

These affirmations are also helpful when you begin to second guess letting go fully.


There’s a popular saying that time is money, which means that a person can lose money just by wasting time.

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To me, peace is money (currency) as well. Anything that costs me my peace is too expensive. I cannot afford a stressful lifestyle. Therefore, peace is your currency.

We are always reluctant to waste unnecessary money, but sometimes we aren’t as reluctant when it comes to wasting moments with people who do not resonate with the energy of tranquility.

You can lose valuable career opportunities just by allowing people or things to hold space in your life that may derail your peace of mind.

Peace is also your current….see?

Peace is your current state of existence.

Peace is a current, which means present, which means peace is a gift!

Peace is a current, like a body of water flowing in a certain direction.

Without peace, you cannot flow in a harmonious manner. You will always be stagnant and wondering why something is holding you back from the life of freedom you are desiring.

In 2020, we were supposed to be writing the vision and making it plane...making it soar so high without any disturbances or interference in our channels. Guess what? Mastering your PEACE is the prerequisite to writing your vision. Without peace, your visions will be distorted. So, think of this whenever you have doubts about letting go of someone or something.

For more tips on maintaining a peaceful lifestyle, check out my recent blog post, Follow these 7 Optimal Tips to Maintain a Peaceful Life.

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