The fear of (Labor) Pain is going to be Your Biggest Setback

This is a Labor Day Message brought to you from my own personal lesson of childbirth. At first glance, you may assume this entire post will be about the pain of childbirth, but I will tell you that there is a lesson in this for all of humanity irregardless of your gender.

This message of LABOR deals with both the fear of childbirth and the fear of labor in general….labor as in physical exertion.

I will warn, I’m not here to tickle ears or gain a spot as your best gal pal or favorite blogger. This message is for liberation. If it offends you, then it’s just probably not for you at this  moment in your journey. However, if you embrace the keys to the message, then it just may unlock the door to your greatest destiny.

Something that the public does not know about me yet…I am currently pregnant with baby numero cuatro!

My due date is 2/2/2022 (2222), although we know that babies will make their appearance when they’re ready (lol)! But, this due date was significant for me. I’m big on receiving messages through any form, whether that’s through a person verbally giving me a message, through reading a book, through meditation, or through the language of numbers.

Across many sources, the number 2 resonates with an energy of balance, unification, and duality. Balance would be the perfect symbolism for my unborn child, because he will be our 6th tribe member and he will balance our home energetically. We currently have 3 females and 2 males. So, his presence will definitely balance our home.

I like how one source believes this number 2222 to be a reminder of determination and courage. This resonates with me based on what I have been led to do differently with this childbirth compared to my previous experiences, which I must add haven’t been extremely negative. My first childbirth experience was a tad traumitizing. However, my last birth experience was pleasant. Overall, I felt like I was in a hotel receiving 5-star service.

I was actually led to do a homebirth with baby #4 through my firstborn child. My baby literally awakened from a dream and ministered to my soul what I was supposed to do with our new addition to our tribe. We are a family of dreamers and have a strong connection to our indigenous customs and practices. We receive a lot of messages in the dream realm.

My 9-year-old baby told ME that it was time to give birth at home and she saw me giving birth in a tub. Now, I can only share with you from my experiences that my babies have been the ultimate catalyst pushing me into new challenges. It’s definitely not the ME that has been exposed to the world already that’s leading me into unchartered territory. It’s the voice of my unadulterated and fearless children helping to thrust me into the greatest version of myself.

Because of that and additionally my unwavering trust in the spirit realm, I have the courage to welcome baby #4 into the world in the most undisturbed and non-invasive way. Even after years of indoctrination that childbirth is painful or to be feared, I trust that my body was designed to do exactly what it is supposed to do.

The years 2020 and 2021 have been extremely challenging on a personal level as well as on a collective level. But I must say that none of these fear tactics the media is projecting are working to throw me off my path. I still refuse to run to get a jab in hopes that it will save my life. My faith is not in human beings who are looking to profit off the next invention. My choice is to trust in a higher power based on personal encounters/experiences. My angels (as in divine messengers) walk with me everyday…literally. I truly believe the babies we have birthed and even the ones that are to to come enter into this realm to help us remember who we are. Unfortunately, we were told we are supposed to indoctrinate THEM with so-called wisdom that is really sometimes our truths mingled with our own fears and insecurities.

Fear would have whispered to me all of the things that could go wrong at home or the “unbearable pain” of childbirth without pharmaceutical intervention. With the current paradigm that we are witnessing, I thought to myself…All of this fear of labor pain could actually lead me right into the hands of an institution that does not have my best interest in mind. I’ll go into depth later on in this post, because I know you may be thinking if I’ve mostly had pleasant experiences from childbirth thus far, then why am I exercising a little more precaution now? Real eyes realize that we are NOT in the same paradigm as before and things have indeed shifted to a different cycle.

Why We Fear Labor Pain

Many of us fear labor pain, and not just women. Many of us fear laboring towards a career of entrepreneurship, because we won’t see the money immediately. It’s too much work. It’s both mentally and physically intense. So, we opt out of that path to labor for these corporations… THEM that same energy or GREATER, because they promised us a 401K plan. We’ll lose our mind and our life for these corporations. We’ll sacrifice family time and love to follow up behind these corporations that would replace us in a heartbeat if we fell ill instead of investing labor towards our own legacy, one that we could cultivate so that our children wouldn’t have to BEG for someone else to guve them a job. As we all have been shown, these corporations will drop you in a moment’s notice if you don’t comply with their rules, even if those rules infringed on your rights over your body. If that decision led to your untimely death, they will send your family some flowers and hold interviews for your position at the same damn time!

Fear of Exertion

We fear labor, because we have been programmed to fear anything that involves exertion. Laboring has always had a negative connotation attached to it in the modern world in both the working industry and in birthing practices. Doctors or nurses ask you about anesthesia before you even get to the 3rd trimester! They implant in our mind that birth pains are so uncomfortable and unfavorable, we may want to plan now for those meds and for an epidural so that we can be NUMB to the pain. However, when we labor, we’re actually metaphorically tilling the soil to put seeds in the ground. Although the work is somewhat strenuous, we’re content after we witness that laboring brought forth something beautiful.

That pain is necessary for us to APPRECIATE our labor. We gain so much more adoration and respect for the outcome and we’re much more equipped to nourish/protect the byproduct or the fruit of that labor.

How do We Overcome Fear of Labor?

What I have learned is, FEAR paralyzes the soul’s evolution. Fear keeps us stuck in familiar and makes us miss out on even greater things that we haven’t experienced yet. Life is about experiencing what you haven’t already in order to learn and progress. Life is about living through applied knowledge. To be alive is to be in alignment with love. When you merge alignment and love together, you get ALIVE!

Living in fear is about lending an ear to falsehoods. Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

When we’re resonating with this emotion, we are in a victimhood state of helplessness and we either gravitate towards someone or something to SAVE US….


On the other hand, in our mind, the best way to avoid changing our ritualistic routines is by avoiding the uncomfortable altogether. Let’s numb the unpleasant and stay comfortable with the little that we have gained up until a certain point and stay in that space until death separates us from the school of life….because that’s what we’re here for, right? It’s not meant for us to ever experience struggles or for us to ever activate the warrior within us.

This is the lie we believe and later on I will show you a better way of thinking that will hopefully set your mind free from the shackles of Fear.

The word pain is a curse. I have used it here in this post, because it is what we have associated the feeling of intense discomfort with.

The etymology of pain derives from Old French peine and is synonymous with punishment, suffering, Hell’s torment, grief, distress, and the opposite of pleasure.

Now, I would be a total fake if I encouraged anyone to look forward to any of these emotions. Who wants to wake up each day preparing to suffer or be punished? Not me! So, I wouldn’t suggest for any person to master pain. It’s human nature to avoid pain. We will fight to avoid pain or suffering on any level!

So, that is why we must sever the tie of labor and pain and never use it in the same breath again.

Here’s a better word phrase and vibration to associate this emotion of intense discomfort.

Subsititute your programmed perspective of pain with a higher degree of intensity.

Degree of intensity:

1 : the quality or state of being intense especially : extreme degree of strength, force, energy, or feeling.

2 : the magnitude of a quantity (such as force or energy) per unit (as of area, charge, mass, or time)

That’s it!

You are entering a state of higher intensity that is in such great force, the only product of this intensity will be a masterpiece. This feeling is only temporary. When you resist it, it becomes greater. However, when you breathe through it and allow the intensity to pass its waves, it eventually disappears.

How This Analogy will help Us for the Times We’re In

Back to birthing labor and my sentiments of the western world’s medical practices…..

I am truly thankful for all of these medical services that we have had access to thus far. It helped serve me for the previous journey and the mindset that I could only emcompass at that time.

The hospital delivery would actually be free for me! I would have to come out of my own pockets in order to have an assisted homebirth. However, I’m still trusting in the Great Spirit on this one. Spirit knows why I and many others are being guided to stop putting so much trust in these institutions to the point where we ultimately sign over our birth rights! We have placed our entire wellbeing into the hands of others and for some of us, now is the time to stop, because the lesson is learned.

Number 1: A hospital is an institution designed to help sick or wounded people.

To be sick means to be diseased, troubled, or unwell. I AM WELL. To be wounded means to be injured; damaged or assaulted. Childbirth is none of those things. It is a natural phenomenon, just like urinating, defecating, and having a monthly menstrual cycle. There is no danger in any of this UNLESS there is an illness present. My blood levels are good. I’m not at high risk due to the methods of self-healing that I have chosen. I have complete confidence that my body was designed to take on this task safely.

Number 2: I do not accept being a patient in a hospital.


“capable of enduring misfortune, suffering, etc., without complaint,””capable of enduring misfortune, suffering, etc., without complaint,”


to lament” (see complain). Meaning “that which is complained of” is from 1745; specific meaning “bodily ailment, cause of pain or uneasiness”

Oxford Etymology Online

Do you guys see and feel the eeriness of this or is it just me?

I know that for a long time due to our ignorance of these spells, we were protected. However, we have entered into the age of knowing. I recognize certain protections of the previous realm are being removed, because those with the heart and soul to heal the sick are being ushered into a different path. Those who have been placed on this earth to exercise compassion, goodwill, and the right use of will are fading away from the hospital-ity industry, because the energy there is shifting, and not in the favor of common people. Another energy has taken the wheel.

The doctors and nurses who have put their sweat and tears into protecting the lives of others are being coerced into accepting things that their spirit is uncomfortable with, such as coaching people into getting experimental procedures without full informed consent and turning away help to those who refuse the treatment. The generous hospitality that was once present in hospitals is fading away. You don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s a video of Dr. Rachael Ross in her own words.

Dr. Ross Resignation Video

You can also research many others, like Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Samuel White, a UK doctor.

Any time a policy states you can no longer see a person, because they have been unjabbed FOR YEARS PRIOR TO C-19, something is seriously wrong and should be questioned.

This is no offense to those who currently work in the healthcare industry. You can work in the healthcare industry and still be blinded to the overall agenda in the same way many work for the U.S. military and follow orders not understanding the overall agenda. Many soldiers, airmen, etc. sign up to fight for their country with the honest belief that they are protecting citizens and their freedoms when the person(s) at the top of the pyramid agenda is to steal resources from other countries. Follow the history and the facts. I’m just saying, just because we are apart of something, that doesn’t mean we fully comprehend the agendas of these organizations. We’re just a member carrying out the tasks, but the ones at the very top are privy to the blueprint.

If we’re not listening to our spirit and instead listening to the sound of the direct deposit hitting our bank, we will formulate any excuse to continue laboring for an organization irregardless of their history or current practices.

There’s so much going on in the world and many are paralyzed by fear of the unknown. We run so quickly to these institutions, doctors, news media, governments, and everything else TO SAVE US. We look outside of our self for answers when all we have to do is sit still and listen. That’s what this time period was for, in my opinion. Go in your home, sit down, be quiet, turn off the entertainment and fear media, and listen to spirit so that fear is not leading you to make irrational decisions that could cost you your life and even put your loved ones in jeopardy.

Our media, which are like a planetary nervous system, are far more sensitive to breakdowns than to breakthroughs. They filter out our creativity and successes, considering them less newsworthy than violence, war, and dissent. When we read newspapers and watch television news, we feel closer to a death in the social body than to an awakening. Yes, something is dying; however, the media do not recognize that something is also being born.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

I’m not here to tell you that ‘every little ting’ is going to be alright!’

I would LOVE for that to be everyone’s reality. But the truth is, your reality will be what YOU decide it will be based on what you are willing or unwilling to accept.

I’m here to tell you that whatever you think is going to happen, that’s what you will experience. Whatever you stay up all night imagining and putting your energy towards can manifest into reality. So, if you focus on the things that you can’t control from a fear-based mindset, then that will be your reality. If you investigate those fears instead and formulate alternative solutions, then you may come out on the winning side. But be prepared to think outside of the box! What’s best for you won’t be popular. Your family will probably think you have lost your mind, because spirit will lead you to do things that the matrix doesn’t support.

Let TRUTH & LOVE Guide You

You will always be guided to your greatest destiny when you get out of the emotion of fear and embrace love. Why do most of my blog posts talk about unconditional love? Because unconditional love is unpopular and many fear it. It’s weird to love just because. It’s scary to do for people without having our hand out expecting something in return. This is why most of us can’t hear spirit’s voice…we think it’s “Satan” or an advesary when it’s guiding us to do unconventional things. If you aren’t tapped into the energy of agape love, then you won’t know spirit, you’ll only be confortable with making moves out of fear.

If you KNOW AGAPE LOVE, BUT DON’T FULLY TRUST IT OR HAVEN’T YIELDED TO ITS GUIDANCE, then you will still fall into scenarios where you will hold on tightly to your own oppression and suppression while simultaneously begging for assistance from those who won’t have your total wellbeing in mind. You must learn to trust in the energy of unconditional love in order to be free from making decisions out of fear.

Final Expressions

We have absolutely nothing to be afraid of now or in the future….not a virus, not a bug, not nature, the loss of contractual enslavement, or the loss of so-called benefits attached to that contractual enslavement. Whatever you lose, there’s an opportunity for you to be rerouted into another path. Trust me…if you lose materialistic things, but end up finding your soul in the process, you’ve won!

If you need assistance on how to heal from hurt, tap into these previously published blog posts.

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Being unhealed emotionally is what’s leading a lot of us to the slaughter. You can’t think clearly if you’re still holding grudges against someone for something that happened 30 years ago. It has been long overdue for your healing. So, let go of what no longer serves you and let go of your own limiting beliefs of what abundance looks like so that you can live a FREE and peaceful lifestyle.


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