Let’s be clear…You DO have a choice in the matter and have always had a choice….

Truthful Thursday Moment. As a forewarning, this will be a bitter pill, but so necessary.

If you’re in tune with the spirit realm, I’m sure many of you can feel that we are in a very critical time right now. Honestly, we have been for a long time, not just when Covid-19 hit. Things are just way more apparent now.

Many of us were warned of these times years ago and made moves accordingly to ensure we would be affected as less as possible.

The saying is “Stay ready so that you don’t have to get ready.” Many are finding themselves (or will find themselves) making decisions out of desperation, because their priorities were put on other things when preparations should have been made well before now.

Many are finding themselves in situations where they feel they have NO CHOICE but to take the ‘jab’ in order to continue with the job they have chosen as a career path or a means of financial stability.

Here’s my M.O., as I have always made clear on this website… Every person should have the right to make a decision based on honesty and informed consent. I think it is cruel and unfair to force someone to make a decision under duress or threats to take away their financial support for their family, and I will always stand on that.

However, I have to say this…

Many of us are making the decision to have our birthright stolen from us from a space of fear and from a space of choosing to ignore prior warnings due to our own desires we have for our life. Many of us are aligned with the very “system” that replaced the indigenous way of life. Some of us are okay with robotic and subservient lifestyles as long as the money is good! They say the ignorance of history is what causes many to repeat history. The colonization of various lands, combined with the abusive disregard for personal customs and practices, was the precursor for mental enslavement on a mass scale and that cycle is repeating in front of our eyes.

I would have to write a book in order to explain this manipulation in great detail. If you truly desire to know more about that, then I suggest for you to do your own research. Once you dig into those historical truths, the enemy’s tactics will be clear as day. You may also discover how the minds of many have been programmed to accept the “system’s way” as a means to prosperity.

I can appreciate the time that we are in, because everything and everyone is being exposed. The contemplation of choice is here for a reason. It’s acting as a mirror to show us ourselves. It’s bringing to light what or who we have chosen as our savior.

At this time, it’s really not about warning anyone anymore. People will choose their “savior” no matter what I or you say to them.

Some of us chose the government or other corporate entities as our savior when we neglected our spirit in order to secure a bag. We ignored the headaches, the anxiety, the unhappiness, the stress, the dissatisfaction and discomfort, all for the love of money.

We traded in the love of family and genuine connection for an image. The O’Jays said it best…

Some people got to have it
Some people really need it….

……All for the love of money

Don’t let, don’t let, don’t let money rule you

For the love of money

Money can change people sometimes

O’Jays : For The Love of Money

Honestly, we have a right to choose where we want to be in life at a given moment. There’s really no harsh side eyes or salty opinions about that reality. Sometimes we learn the most valuable lessons even when we make the wrong choices. 

But….let’s be clear…

You DO have a choice in the matter and have always had a choice

I know that many will say…”Well that’s not your place to judge what people choose to prioritize in their life.” This is true. This won’t be a judgement to place value on one path over the other, but it is a judgement to decipher the two paths. It’s drawing a clear line in the sand to make things crystal clear where individuals stand based on their choices. I think that’s fair, because we will find out later on how these choices that are being made at this time WILL cause a divine separation that will lead us to our prospective destinations.

The divide is definitely happening right now and is has less to do with color or financial status…the haves versus the have nots. It has everything to do with WHAT or WHO we are individually choosing to be stewards of our life.

I have witnessed doctors and scientists choose Path B (as I will describe in further detail below) over Path A. Many humans who truly care about the lives of others have put their career on the line, lost money and associations in order to expose lies surrounding the time that we are in. I’ll name drop a few just for credibility.

  • Dr. Carrie Madej
  • Dr. Christina Clark
  • Dr. Michael Yeadon
  • Karen Kingston
  • Dr. Robert Malone
  • Dr. Byram Bridle

There have been many more labeled as the Disinformation Dozen for simply asking questions in regard to pharmaceutical companies.

I honestly don’t believe any person would make themselves a willing target for popularity or demonetization. So, I can only assume that their efforts are genuine.

However, if you are a person that believes fully in the promises of the government and the pharmaceutical industry, then you may be reluctant to see these claims as factual information.

One thing that assisted me with my awakening to the truth was this request to the spirit realm…

“Please reveal the truth to me whether I like it or not.”

That has been my saving grace. I was aware THEN of the partiality I may have due to my own reluctance to break away from the things I was familiar with. So, I asked to be shown the truth regardless, especially if it would keep me from unnecessary suffering. I didn’t want my stubbornness to keep me planted in unfavorable situations.

Because of that request, my spiritual eyes were opened and my intuiton became stronger. I started trusting that inner voice more and more once I saw things unfolding before my physical eyes that I was warned about in times where things appeared “calm” on the surface. Nothing was happening on a mass scale, but I still took note of the forewarning because I knew it was there to guide me.

I now see everything for what it is and have no emotional attachment to the results. Sonetimes when we follow our spirit, there’s no immediate return on the investment. Trust me, I know. When I left the U.S. in 2016 to live as an expat in Central & South America, I didn’t know what any of that was for! We sold most of our belongjngs and took the trip not knowing that journey would serve us 4 years later. The subtle “threat” of losing it all holds no standing in our life, because we experienced that reality already WILLINGLY.

So, when I say that we are literally choosing who or what we put our complete trust in, know that statement comes from lived experience. I have experienced living the so called American dream making $100,000 a year as a family and I have also experienced making less than $40,000 a year living with the bare necessities of life. Our choice of how we choose to live is all up to us and what we prioritize. Make no mistake about it.

Some of us still believe in upholding the system while others are okay with the system crashing in order to make room for a new way of life, because the new paradigm is here already whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. Some of us know intuitively that there is no “returning back to normal.”

FEAR of losing a certain lifestyle or fear of losing one’s standing will cause many to make irrational decisions.

This belief that resources are limited, life is a race, or that there is only 1 way to a cure is a bold faced lie. Ignorance of the law (both natural and human-made) do not magically make us exempt from the consequences.

Many will blame their decisions on a desire to “return back to normal.” What normal are we really going back to reclaim? The norm of working countless hours away from loved ones? The norm of sacrificing purpose for a paycheck? The norm of following blindly without questioning? Or the norm of eating GMO foods and being prescribed chemicals to help defer the symptoms? Which norm are we going back to? Which part of the previous “norm” was designed to benefit humanity as a whole?

The real truth is, the norm that most are trying to return to has to do with the illusion of an American dream here in the western culture.

And as Beyonce said, it can be a

🎶….Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. Either way I, don’t want to wake up from you….🎶

These irrational decisions are based on falsehoods, improper planning, and inner child programming. Because even though many of us are ignorant of what exactly is going on to the T, we have what every human being has within, which is intuition. The problem is, many of us neglect connection with our intuitive abilities, because intuition would guide us in a totally different direction than where our egoic self desires to follow.

Path A

Those who are choosing materialism and a deep attachment to the false securities and promises of the U.S. corporation will go one way.  Losing that image and letting go of the American dream is way too much to contemplate or fathom. That social appearance of WEALTH and success is way more important than protection of livelihood.

You have an image to uphold and something to PROVE to others. That stronghold to the very thing that enslaves you has you mislead. You have no knowledge of your government’s historical background. You truly believe they could do no wrong and that they care wholeheartedly about their citizens.

You still believe celebrities and entertainers are the lightbearers, because they have been called “stars.” In reality, their light is blinding you. Their true intentions are easily cloaked, because you secretly worship them, admire them, and want to live a life just like them! You have placed these idols on a pedestal. You spend hours upon hours listening to their voice and follow their every word instead of dedicating that same amount of time to research that could save your life.

Path B

Those who value autonomy, spiritual connection, harmony with the earth, peace of mind, freedom from the matrix, and right to make decisions concerning what goes in their body will choose another path. They have turned their eyes away from entertainers and even the media that has been funded by elites. They can see right through to the soul of individuals. Their mind isn’t situated on materialism, but love.

These people are aware that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. They aren’t afraid to lose that job OR that image, because they are prepared to use other skills to generate income. They will let that car go and minimize their obligations. They will let WHATEVER or whomever go in a heartbeat, because their trust was never in human beings or governments to begin with. These affiliations were used as tools, but when their spirit said shift they did it willingly. They are prepared to do the research, lose associations, and rearrange their entire life if the end result is preservation of their spirit and remaining true to their identity.

The Ultimate Conclusion

These decisions will cost us tremendously and right now is the time to choose if you haven’t already. In my unbiased opinion, I believe one path is not superior over the other. It’s simply a choice. Each will have its own consequences, both favorable and unpleasant. Your heart will decide what is of more significance to YOU. Your choice will guide you toward the lessons that’s meant for you and where you are in your journey. I can say Path B serves my highest good, but for someone else, Path A may lead them to their highest good!

Whatever choice you make, just know that you will lose family members behind it. Path A will lead you to a life of denial of your spirit for financial gain. You will gain corporate affiliations, possibly sponsorships, and you won’t have to worry about many people disliking you! You’ll fit right in with the world!

However, you will gain connections with your true family…your soul tribe….your kin if you choose Path B, which is in alignment with your soul. You’ll rest easy knowing that you stayed true to yourself.

Understand where you are in your journey and don’t compromise to hold space for those who aren’t in alignment with where you are or where you’re going. Whether you choose Path A or Path B, prepare to stand ten toes down with that decision, because you won’t have room for indecisiveness or regret. Make your path known! People in your circle should include those who don’t see your mode of operation as an opposition to their path. Let people choose their priorities and their path and don’t argue with or fight hard to warn anyone or make them an ally to your choice. Go where you’re valued. Live and let others make the decisions that they think is best for them.

Detach from the emotional attachments and the wiring that labels have equated to family or you will suffer holding on to connections that have ran its course. It’s time for us to put energy towards what will serve our highest good. It’s time to trust our gut and go where our spirit leads us OR choose to ignore our gut and face the challenges that will serve as a lesson for us in our journey. Either way, you DO have a choice.


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