How Can We Proclaim to be FREE if We still operate in F.E.A.R?

I have heard the proclamation many times from faith-based followers, sovereign citizens, free-spirited individuals, WOKE FOLK, etc.

Martin Luther King even said it…

However, giving a proclamation of freedom is not as accrediting as actually LIVING it.

freedom (n.)

Old English freodom “power of self-determination, state of free will; emancipation from slavery, deliverance;” see free (adj.) + -dom. Meaning “exemption from despotic control, civil liberty” is from late 14c. 

freedom (n.)

1. the state of being physically unrestricted and able to move easily.

2. the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

For me, freedom is more than just a noun. FREE-dom is a state of mind and a lifestyle.

Exercising freedom means to have dominion over your actions, as a birth rite, from a space of empowerment and discipline.

I exercise my freedom each day by doing research and prioritizing knowledge over entertainment, especially due to the current times that humanity is in. I make it my business to be more and more fear-LESS everyday!

Right now, a lot of FEAR is being propagated throughout the media in regard to COVID-19! Every popular newsCAST seems to be casting a spell on its listeners by speaking triggering words and/or phrases that cause people to make decisions irrationally; phrases such as breaking news, bombshell, rising cases, hospitalizations, death, and so on and so forth.

Trigger words send an instant flight or flight response to our brain and block our ability to reason.

When we love ourselves fully, we simultaneously vow to do everything that is within our power to avoid self-harm, unnecessary suffering, and to preserve the integrity of our soul. Living life FREELY, as opposed to living life in bondage, affords us this opportunity. We gain the courage to examine everything before making decisions.

The opposing force of living life freely is living a life of fear. Fear completely halts our progression in our individual journeys.

FEAR is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Here at Flowerchild777, I say this type of fear leads us to operate in another type of F.E.A.R., which is Functioning Everyday Amongst inaccurate Rhetoric.

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, I had someone become angry with me, because I refused to be paranoid about COVID-19 or even the supposed plans that the “government” has in store for the U.S. citizens.

Because of thorough research, I have gained my own understanding of what COVID-19 really is. I have equipped myself with spiritual wisdom which gives me courage that my family and I are protected without running to an mrna vaccination in which studies from qualified professionals are exposing some long-term concerns.

Having compassion for others affected by COVID-19 is one thing. My mother lost her best friend due to respiratory failure. But to become anxious, worried, distraught, or mentally drained trying to figure out “conspiracies” surrounding the supposed virus, I was uninterested in, regardless of how legitimate the conspiracies may have been given the history of the U.S. government.

Gaining knowledge helps us to remain informed and to become aware of our surroundings. Knowledge is synonymous with enlightenment. It keeps us from being in the dark.

Knowledge is also synonymous with the word command, which means “the ability to use or control something.” Therefore, the one who has the most knowledge in a particular area is seen as a master. That master can use their knowledge to equip others or to enslave others.

Our knowledge that we gain from asking questions is like armor. It keeps us from being fools; people who are tricked or deceived.

Living life on the ledge metaphorically means to live life in limbo; contemplating giving up on commitments and pursuits, because a task is overly stressful or unpredictable. Well, know-ledge equals NO-Ledge. Knowledge keeps us from living life as if we are standing on a ledge, fearful of what lies ahead.

Knowledge helps us to be on moderate alert from the stance of warriorship. It acts as a shield to armor us against any active threatening pursuits from an enemy.

This chart above is an FPCON chart used in the military. Force Protection Condition Levels, or FPCON for short, are part of a threat awareness system implemented by the Department of Defense.

At the beginning of the pandemic and even at this moment, I personally feel that we are moreso in Alpha or Bravo conditions. The person that I had befriended was trying to coach me into behaving as if we were in Charlie or Delta conditions and I was extremely uninterested.

Awareness is powerful, but I must say that too much of anything can initiate a problem. The problem sets in when the awareness controls the mind and elicits a F.E.A.R. response, unlike the response that sets in to shield us from harm.

Fear that activates the fight or flight response can be extremely beneficial when the threats are actually valid. When a threat has actually been investigated and turns out legitimate, we can then equip ourselves to fight for survival. However, F.E.A.R., which I described in a previous post as Functioning Everyday Amongst inaccurate Rhetoric, leads to a life of paranoia, disturbia, and illness.

I was uninterested in giving a government or other unseen hand THAT MUCH authority or power over my reality.

Remember, my journey led me away from the United States in 2016 for over a year. My family sold most of our belongings and lived as expats in multiple Central/South American countries.

After returning to the U.S., I received clear instructions from my spirit that the move back home was necessary so that I could practice everything that I had l-earned during my personal awakening. When I returned to my country, I knew that I was given provision for battle and that running away from subtle threats was not what I was designed to do. Not only did I have spiritual and ancestral training, but I also had military training in the physical world.

After returning back home, I knew that it would be important for me to guard my will from being hijacked by fear. My Creator did not design me with a spirit of FEAR, but of sound mind, agape love, and power. Where there is love, fear cannot reside.

I have discovered that everyone’s beliefs, opinions, or views about reality do not have to become MINE. I have the right to dismiss any information that is not in alignment with the energy of empowerment. I have become skilled with recognizing when someone is bringing information to me from a space of anxiousness versus sharing information with me to protect me from harm. It’s critical for me to discern the difference, because thoughts become beliefs and mingled with emotions it can become a ritualistic lifestyle.

So, if I had began to BELIEVE with all of my energetic makeup that an elite group is controlling the world, what would that begin to look like for me once I convinced my own mind that no other realities exist outside this one? I would most likely become anxious, worried, and discombobulated in my everyday life. I would have no sense of purpose. Because if 2-3 elite families are controlling the whole world population, what sense does it make for me to continue putting my gifts out into the world? We’re doomed anyway, right?

And so, this is the reality of some. And this is what leads to mental disorders and martyrdom..
a display of feigned or exaggerated suffering to obtain sympathy or admiration.

This is what leads to a belief that the only outcome is suffering or doom instead of choosing to have more optimistic ideas for the future.

For my life, I will believe that I have a purpose. I am here for a reason. Sure, the reality may be accurate that an elite group may be currently INFLUENCING the world, but I will not place into my psyche they are in CONTROL of the world. They do not have that much power or authority to control entire worlds or societies.

Outside of those few groups of people, there are billions of other humans on this planet who occupy the same space and have just as much, if not MORE, of an impact on our worlds. There are lands still here that have been untouched. There are people on the planet who still live an enriching life outside of any tactic or agenda that may be brewing. For every evil intent, there is a benevolent intent. This is what brings balance to our existence.

Now, I do believe that ignorance of that reality of elites influencing the world causes many to silently go along with their plan for humanity, and THAT is where we should be concerned. With more of humanity becoming focused, educated, and aware, their plans will derail! They would actually need the blind consent of billions in order to successfully carry out their plan. Their plan can only succeed when others unknowingly execute it. So, that is why I advocate for exercising freedom using research and intuition so that we aren’t participants in our own suffering or harm or others’ suffering or harm. My Aunt told me to always STAY ready so that you won’t have to GET ready.

It is VITAL to our survival to do our own due diligence and begin researching information that will empower us to take responsible actions that may save our lives! It is so important to use wisdom and intuition and only fact check the things that will have a direct impact on our lives.

Sometimes, when we initially come into the knowledge of things, we become captured by the information, because it’s a world we never knew existed. However, we have to slowly ease ourselves into new information. It can become overwhelming and induce more stress than benevolence. We can become our own enemy by taking on various mindsets at once. And then we wrestle with our self when we can’t quite figure out exactly what’s going on..because we have too many formulas calculating in our brain!

At some point, we must take a breather from research to ensure our right to know doesn’t turn into a quest of conspiracy. Sometimes we have to say…

You know what…I’m a little confused AND THAT’S OKAY right now. I’m unsure of what’s to come next week or next year, and that’s not a precursor to panic. I believe that I will be protected no matter what. I am not a victim. I am a warrior. I believe that I have been innately equipped with the tools to overcome any challenge. I comprehend that the unexpected may happen, but even in those circumstances I will be ready for the challenge. I will take on the challenge as a lesson and not an enemy. This lesson will become my ally and will actually add a new perspective or skill to my life. This unexpected circumstance will teach me perseverance.

Instead of pointing fingers at an unseen enemy, I will go within to see why I am being triggered in this way. Why am I highly fearful? Why do I feel I have no way out of what’s to come? Why do I not believe that I am an overcomer?

Why do some people operate daily from a space of F.E.A.R.?

It could quite possibly be because that inner child was never protected. That inner child felt like it didn’t have a way out of emotional, physical, or verbal abuse from their caregiver. That inner child feels it needs to run away to escape or hide, because there is a higher power that has ultimate destructive control and we have no influence.

These could all be reasons WHY some are behaving with unstable thought patterns. And in these moments, as an observer, it is important to recognize that this burden is not yours, it is someone else’s. Have the compassion, but set clear boundaries. You have to detach or suffer along with the other person.

My Decision to Live Free from F.E.A.R.

After going on a healing voyage away from the U.S., I made the choice to be FREE from the emotion of F.E.A.R. I realized that my own running away from the states was initially because I was afraid of what was to come to the states. Intuitively, I was forewarned, but the error was believing that I had no way out. I believed that I would not be able to withstand the challenges. I didn’t give myself enough credit for my abilities that I was created with.

Upon returning to the States, I was given an internal message that I was ready to do the work after I had healed and faced my own shadows. This is why I now accept the things that are not within my control and I take everything as a lesson. This is what brings me solace.

In my past, I experienced anxiety attacks, depression, insomnia, etc., for things that were out of my control! So, I made a conscious decision afterwards to refuse suffering in this way ever again.

This coronavirus brought to surface a lot of hidden traumas that we may have previously suppressed for protection. I feel this Crown-venom period was the moment of reflection, when we would no longer use working long hours as a distraction from healing. Some of our hidden traumas resurfaced and it took us on a rollercoaster. But even in this, we all still have a CHOICE to suffer mentally or to become free.

True freedom is all about ACCEPTANCE. True Freedom has less to do with rebellion and resonates more with releasing resistance..  releasing the illusion of ‘having complete control’ and just going with the current of life. 

Pace Your Life to ACE your Life

Apart of this journey is about expecting the unexpected. If we had omnipotent comprehension of every single plan or challenge for humanity or for our own lives, then how would we ever grow? I think that true growth comes from the experiences where we have no prior training. For me, growth comes from the times where I have to think critically using the skills that may be innate but untapped on. Growth doesn’t come from believing that I have all the answers and all of the control.

This label of being awakened or “woke” can become cult-like and as oppressive as some organized religion itself. If we’re still bound to fear or the idea that we can totally manipulate our entire existence, then we’re not much more free than those who are allegedly “asleep.”


The conclusion of it all is this…

Live life free from fear by equipping yourself with knowledge, wisdom, and intuition. Be willing to yield to your intuition/spirit. Stand still and ask The Almighty for clarity before making a major decision. Do everything that is within your power to protect yourself from unnecessary harm or suffering.

Furthermore, do not allow anyone to coach, drag, or bully you into their fear-based reality. Acknowledge and understand their subconcious wiring and realize you have the right to refuse participation on any level. Exercise your right to respond rationally to all information.

Do not allow your emotions to overly influence your behavior. Take breaks from anyone or anything that is triggering you into a fearful space. Ask for help from a professional if your emotions become overwhelming so that they can help you to tap into the source of your fear responses.

…You are a free Spirit when NO-THING or BEING can block your soul from elevating to its fullest potential…..and that THING includes F.E.A.R. as well.


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