“The bare necessities of life will come to you…”

During this time of economic uncertainty, I know there are a lot of individuals stressing over how their bills will be paid or how they will be able to feed their family.

I’m no guru..and I’m aware that there are multilevel approaches to acquire solutions for the issue of “scarcity.” 

Scarcity: shortage, lack, undersupply..

However, I wanted to share a few thoughts that will hopefully encourage us all to think openly.

Is the Western world’s prosperity doctrine flawed?

What if being prosperous does not equate to having lots of money in our bank account? I know that’s hard to fathom if you came from what “they” call “poverty.”

Poverty: the state of being inferior in quality or INSUFFICIENT in amount.

But, how can we truly be in a state of poverty when nature provides everything that we need?

Essential needs are those things that are required in order for humans to be healthy and safe….nourishment (including clean water),  shelter, clothing, etc. And obviously there are other needs that we require in order to thrive, such as transportation, a stream of income, etc. But I want to focus on the bare necessities.

Is there really a such thing as scarcity on this earth? Maybe in some places where there are droughts, deserts, and other environmental challenges. But, I think the majority of humans  live amongst areas that are suited for survival, because it is in our instinct to do so.

When we give to the earth, there’s always a return. When we plant seeds in the ground, we get a return on our investment in the form of fruits and vegetables that have MORE seeds for us to replant.

There are innumerable springs situated across the U.S, both in rural and urban areas, and the cost to attain clean water is FREE. It is also permissible in a majority of the states to collect rainwater.

We get our energy from the sun as well as our daylight. The moon gives us our night light. We have air to fill our lungs along with the trees and other plants that filter the air we breathe.


I hear stories of my ancestors from 1 generation ago…yes ONE…who built their own homes WITHOUT having a 6-figure annual income. Some of them barely generated 5 figures! But when they were finished building their home, the threat of a bank seizing their residence was obsolete. There was no such thing as needing a college degree or an outstanding loan in order to build shelters. But now…I feel the “image” of a “dream home” and this idea of materialistic prosperity is what fuels our ambition to own a home that is pleasing to the eye, but maybe not so pleasing to the pockets.

What if….

Peace☮ and being in alignment⚖ with our purpose was the true currency💰? What if all of our desires came to life so easily because our hearts weren’t situated on greed…always wanting more than what is necessary and in essence robbing others of supplies…being wasteful.

A lot of times, we only want THINGS to fill an empty void within. What if instead we healed that inner child so that our perceptions could be more clear? What if afterwards we reprogrammed our subconscious mind and filled it with our own undistorted beliefs about life and prosperity?

What if the affirmation “I AM sufficient and abundant” is adequate instead of “I will be happy when“…??????? Maybe you already have access to everything that you need to thrive, but you just have to shift your perspective in order to see it?

What if we could be internally happy/content with just the simple things/bare necessities of life? You know, like the song from “The Jungle Book.”

What would that look like?

1. of a person (or part of the body) not clothed or covered.
2. without addition; basic and simple.

As we are in our own separate jungles, tucked away from civilization and uncertain because of the DENSE vegetation over our visions…maybe getting back to the basics could help us to struggle LESS and live and enjoy life MORE?

All I’m saying is….Maybe we have to become bare again in order to formulate solutions for our world that will be more sustainable this time around? Maybe the system that we have become overly reliant upon is faulty and the breakdown is needed to get us closer to mother nature?

Maybe there will be no real threat to our livelihood, our nutrients, our water and minerals, and our shelter when we return back to the basics. What are your thoughts?

#EarthDay #healourland #sustainability #beonewiththegreatIAM


3 Comments Add yours

  1. pvcann says:

    I like your thoughts on this, especially that this is a time to reevaluate.


    1. Yes! I feel our solutions are more attainable than we may believe. Maybe less is more? Maybe we really can thrive with just the bare necessities moving forward. Minimalism has definitely helped my family of 4.


      1. pvcann says:

        Fabulous, we are being shaped too, finding it so much better.


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