Be Ever Wonder-full. Stay As You Are!

Happy Freedom Friday Flowerchild777 Fam!

Today, I wanted to remind myself and you all to Be Ever Wonder-full!

“Be ever wonderful, stay as you are
Time is right, in your life tonight
Find your place among the broad daylight and be ever wonderful, stay as you are.”

This song by Earth Wind & Fire is like a call to remembrance to get back to your authentic self; reminding you to stay as you are. Don’t let the chaos of this world distract you from your purpose on the planet.

A wonder is a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. To be wonder-full means to be full of light and shining our light every time we get a chance to cause someone to wonder, be curious, and shift their reality.

To be FOREVER wonder-full means to remain grounded in your essence irregardless of the tribulations you may encounter. No matter WHO does WHAT around you or in your presence that may have a temporary emotional effect on you, stay as you are; a beautifully-spirited sovereign individual whose heart filled with unconditional love will one day change the world. Know that feelings allow us to connect to the physical world. It serves as a self-check tool for us to examine where we are at a given moment. But, emotions are not permanent; they flow in and out of our aura. We can always release what no longer serves our highest good.

If not, we will be become FROZEN in space, constantly reflecting on hurtful events.

Hurt children grow older and become hurt children trapped in adult bodies. With this pandemic, more and more people are starting to let that hurt child come out of the shadows. Hurt people hurt people. It’s the sole intention of some to project their inner hurt onto others so that they can hurt less.

It’s easy for us to turn our hearts cold and match the energy of hurt people. But instead, be ever wonderful and stay as you are! Don’t let the world or the people in the world change your mind!! We were placed here to be beacons of love and light! Stay as you are and gain your abundance! Never lower your frequency and become a slave to hurt. There’s so much life to live JOYFULLY and so many fulfilling experiences to enjoy.

Limit your interactions with those whose intentions are to be hurtful and negative. Cut ties with organizations that provoke you to anger or mental instability. Strengthen that inner being that is afraid of being lonely or afraid of limited resources. We are never alone on our journey and the Earth is abundant. We were not designed with a spirit of FEAR. We were designed to be bold and courageous. We were designed with a spirit of love, sound mind, and oneness.

If you’re struggling with healing hurt, check out this blog post. How to transcend H.U.R.T. to radiate unconditional love..

There’s NO amount of hurt on this planet that should make us change our hearts. Why grant other humans the POWER to shift your destiny? Take back your birthright. The pure hearted always win in the end. And you win because you will continue to accumulate blissful karmic experiences. Keep your compass towards genuine intentions, morality, and integrity, which leads to a peaceful and balanced conscience.

Be forever wonder-full. Continue to be full of light. Continue to be fully beautiful, inexplicable, and admirable. Be an astonishment. And don’t allow the challenges of the world or the hurt people in the world to change your mind!

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