In a World full of Skeptics and Doubters, be the Little Red Hen

Happy Freedom Friday Flowerchild777 Fam!

This thought was fresh on my mind this rising. So many great things are happening for me and my family and I’m even seeing others on social media sharing their success stories! In spite of all the difficulties and uncertainties of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, things are starting to look up for many! And that’s something to be excited about.

I wanted to remind you all, though, to be cautious with the people you choose to join in on the celebration for the highlight of your life.

Let me try to break it down a little bit more.

You ever place a bid on something? Maybe you invested into a stock or you made a bet on something when the risks were high. You felt strongly that you would come out on the winning in while others thought you were insane for taking a gamble.

Maybe you placed a bet on yourself and your business endeavors. You left that high-paying job to dedicate more time as an entrepreneur. You knew in your heart that working in your purpose would be more fulfilling than solely working for a paycheck, while others chattered behind your back saying that you wouldn’t make any money and you were delusional for quitting that high salary job.

Maybe you took a bet on your MARRIAGE or relationship with a long-term partner. You two experienced some difficulties together throughout the years. You went through the UGLIEST stage together and many put their mouth on your relationship saying that it was destined to fail. No one knew how you two would arise from the ashes after that terrible, embarrassing hardship. But with therapy, strong faith, and dedication to your family’s goals, you two made it through to the other side.

Others sat back and watched anticipating failure because they had little faith in your judgment. They were slow to cheer you on. But now that they see you’re about to cash in, NOW they want to show their support in hopes that you will be willing to SHARE some of those winnings. Suddenly, they believed in you the whole time, although their vibe said something otherwise.

When you encounter people like this, you have to trust your gut. Make no mistake about it, they had their bets on you losing it all to justify their fears and insecurities. Regardless of what they say out of their mouth, their energy at the time you planted the first seed told it all. They weren’t looking for you to win.

So what you do is…you celebrate those wins with those who were willing to take a risk with you. Celebrate it with the ones who may not have seen the vision like you were able to, but they never spoke ill of your future and they never spoke of your shortcomings with others without your permission.

Think of the story of the Little Red Hen.

She planted the seeds alone, she cut the wheat all by herself, she took the wheat to the mill by herself and baked the bread all by herself. And when the bread was done, she ate ALONE!

For those who turned their back on you when you were pitching them your dream….

For those who remained silent when you shared with them the progress of your success….

For those who continued to whisper behind your back, speaking on the past instead of giving you encouragement about your future…

Tell them all to keep that same energy when you’re generating 6 figures in your business, when your marriage is full of bliss and peace and you finally have the home of your family’s dream, and when the stock you invested in earns you a high profit!

Beware of those who come in towards the end to marvel at your success but didn’t want to encourage and cheer you on when the stakes were high! Remember their doubt and their scepticism.

Take this lesson to heart and never feel guilty for enjoying the fruits of your labor ALONE when you took risks and believed in yourself and your vision more than anyone else!

You did just fine without their applause and acceptance THEN and I promise you will do just fine without them in your celebration. You labored alone so you can enjoy your Bliss-ings alone as well!

Cheers to you for taking a chance on yourself and winning big!

I hope you continue to experience abundance, joy, peace, and bliss into your future! Enjoy your harvest!!


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