The 5 most inspirational life lessons of 2020 for me and how they will complement 2021

We are in the 2nd day of 2021! Usually, I’m not the type of person that makes new year goals or speak the cliché phrase “New year, new me!” I’m the type of person who makes adjustments anytime, whether that is in the middle of the year or the dead of Winter. It doesn’t matter. Wherever I feel adjustments can be made, I usually make them quickly and without much effort.

But after a rocky 2020, I think there is definitely something to be said about that year! It really does deserve some deep reflection, because I believe all of that turbulence had to have some lesson behind it all.

2020 hit us all like a ton of bricks and I’m sure I’m not the only one that had some unexpected things creep up. But I will say this….it’s not about what happens in your life, it’s about how you respond! Did you learn the lesson? Did you shift your perspective?

In this post, I’m going to go over the 5 most inspirational life lessons that 2020 represented for me and how that may correlate with you and your 2020 lessons. I divide these lessons into 5 R’s:

Afterwards, I’ll share what my aspirations will be for 2021. I will also include my 21 affirmations for 2021.

2020, the Year of Rerouting

The year 2020 to me was very eye opening. As the number 2020 implies, I can truly say that I had 20/20 vision without forewarning! The best way to describe it was like living in bliss on my favorite island having a beachside picnic. And then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a random laughing kookaburra bird just came and pooped on my sandwich, flicked some sand on me, and left!

Extremely random, right? That’s basically the summary of 2020…Random and Unwarranted.

This abrupt shakeup was vital for me to be rerouted towards the path that’s more fitting for where I told myself I wanted to go!

They say be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it! And it’s funny, because I LOVE the art of manifestation, but the unknown part of HOW that will happen and what it will look like, yeah, that’s the not-so-fun part.

But what I have learned in 2020 about this rerouting process is you will always arrive at a destination that will serve you eternal UNFORGETTABLE lessons if you choose to see it that way.

2020 was my Rite of Passage year. It was that experience that marked a major milestone and change in my life, ushering me into a more fulfilling destiny in 2021. I truly believe that.

2020, the Year of the Red Pill

Listen…2020 was one of those years where I was force-fed the red pill. 2019 was like, here’s your choice, and I took the blue pill without hesitation. Like, let me enjoy my ignorant bliss. But then 2020 was like….

Get this red pill and go ahead and hurt now so you can heal!

So, that’s what I did. I welcomed the illusion to be pulled away and allowed my eyes to be pried wide open. Afterwards, I was able to see everyone and everything for who they were and for what it was! Any uncertainties were made solid. Any doubt that I had about a decision was made crystal clear.

2020 was a turbulent yet necessary type of year, because it was the year of exposure. There were no more blurred lines in my life. Everything was obvious and comprehensible.

I got super clear about the type of connections I wanted in my life. As I’ve stated in another post, in 2020, I was able to separate fiends from my kin. I trusted my gut and just cut out any energy that made me feel stuck in obligatory relation. If a connection felt like it wouldn’t continue to thrust me forward in my path, if it felt toxic, stale, untrustworthy, smothering, etc., then I just released it.

Clarity of what an enemy or adversary is.

That red pill provided me with a more transparent identity of an enemy or adversary.

An adversary is not an unseen force or strangers, from my experience. It’s sometimes the person you see in the mirror; that wounded inner child within that keeps holding you back because it’s stuck in victimhood. It continues to repeat cycles, because it has become comfortable with pain and dysfunction and it exists in the realm of survival. It is not yet aware of abundance, instead it’s stuck in a lack mentality; fearing that resources will run out.

Adversaries are those unhealed relatives and associations who have jealousy and envy in their hearts and don’t want to see your plans prosper, because their life was thrown a curve ball. Since they quit on themselves, they can’t stand the sight of you being successful with your endeavours. They throw shade on your light, because your light is too bright, it’s blinding them!

The red pill of 2020 was an unexpected yet vital shift in my perspective of enemies, because it was extremely important to recognize the enemy was much closer than I previously perceived. And it was important to deactivate any lines of resistance so that all of my visions for myself and my family could come into fruition a little easier in 2021.

This red pill gave me the go ahead to revoke others’ access to my energy irregardless of titles. This was so freeing, and probably from others’ view of things as well. This revoking set everyone in the equation free, because it’s maturity realizing when you’re not the proper fit for a person, place, or thing, and you can release it with no anger, regret, or any other unpleasant emotion.

The reality is, there was never a devil, enemy, or unseen force that had unlimited authority to ‘screw up’ my life. And I will explain this reflection in further detail below.

2020, the Year of Remembrance

2020 was a year of remembrance for who I AM and who I have always been, which is a no-nonsense, go-after what I want, peaceful-life type of chick. I had to remember how BOLD AND BRAVE I AM and be unafraid to let go again, similiar to how I was in 2016. In that year, my husband and I sold 85% of our material possessions in order to journey through 3 different countries; Medellin, Columbia, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

If you want to know a little more about that experience, check out these blog posts:

Living in Colombia

Reflections after leaving Costa Rica

I had to realize that the power to create the life of my dreams has always been within my control. I didn’t have to allow anything to take up space in my life if I didn’t want to. I could be blissfully unattached to people, places, or things, as long as at the end of the day, my mind was at ease and my mental health was intact.

And guess what, YOU have that same ability! You are bold, brave, authentic, courageous, determined, and have the power to shift your reality as you please. You have the ability to cut out all of the things in your life that is not in alignment with your highest good to help push yourself into the life you desire.

2020, the Year of Resuscitation

Something else that I witnessed about 2020 was that this year made a lot of people feel like they couldn’t breathe both literally and metaphorically!

We were introduced to COVID-19, an upper respiratory infection that inhibits oxygen to the lungs. We had the BLM slogan “I can’t breathe,” in relation to police brutality and the uncalled-for killings of African Americans.

Although I am thankful to say that I didn’t experience any of those personally, I did have some other more personal I can’t breathe moments in my life. Through therapy, I have grown through those moments and actually can appreciate it now that I am on the other side of things.

After I was triggered by all of these things, I decided to resuscitate myself. I couldn’t wait on a government, a policy change, a spiritual savior, or anything else. I took the oxygen bag and filled my own lungs with air, because I was not going to allow any sort of dysfunction to cripple the life that I envisioned for myself and my family.

This time around, though, I was able to see myself more clearly, what I genuinely wanted for my life (minus the bull💩), I saw what I no longer wanted to overlook or excuse, and I took the first real step towards permanent change by seeking counseling from a mental health therapist.

This step towards healing on a deeper level is what led me to the 5th inspirational life lesson of 2020.

2020, the Year of Reformation

To reform means to make changes in something in order to improve it.

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

In the area of problem solving, I would have been labeled an insane person, because I was literally doing the same thing over and over each year expecting a different result each time!!!

In 2020, I had to realize that it’s okay to ask for help when you feel like a heavy load is weighted on your shoulders. You are NEVER alone. There are humans living on the planet who literally went through the same thing and are still alive to share their wisdom.

And most importantly, there are mental health professionals who are trained, skilled, and better equipped to help you with your life issues, because they offer a more unbiased approach versus guidance from a family member or bestie.

For so long, I ran to loved ones for help not understanding that they may be a great source of emotional support, but they are not the best option for vetting long-term problem- solving techniques. AND it’s hard for loved ones to move past that personal issue as easy as you will be able to.

On that road to recovery, you may hit an optimal point of acceptance and growth, but that family member won’t  be there with you. They’ll still be in that hurtful space reminding you of what you had to go through and may trigger you back into a space of regression. So, it’s much healthier to seek therapy from a counselor who doesn’t know you, doesn’t care to gossip about your issues, doesn’t gain “I told you so” points, and they have no emotional attachment to the outcome of your healing.

2021, the Year of RECLAIMING

This is the part where I can actually let out a loud inner shout, because I know where I came from, so I for damn sure know where I’m going.

The fire of 2020 has lit my inner rocket, and I’m ready to be propelled into the life of my dreams! I’m going forward to reclaim everything that was taken from me; my peace, my joy, my love for life, my passion to inspire others, my gift of loving unconditionally, my gift of vision.

This video of Diana Ross is a direct reflection of how I feel for my life moving forward.

When I think positive constantly, it’s very powerful and it controls me. If I think negative all of the time, it’s going to control me too. So, right now, my positive thought is, ‘There is going to be no disaster to destroy what I have planned for me and my family, and if there is, that’s life!’

And I can accept what I get. My intention is for it to work and for it to be successful and I will accept what I get. See, I don’t have any choice about what my life is going to be like. The only choice I possibly might have is how I’m going to react to it.

Diana Ross

I’ve heard advice from people saying that the best response to negativity is no response. And that rings somewhat true to me, but I want to cancel this unbothered culture, because true healing comes when you can be honest and say, yes that did bother me. Yes, I was moved to act a certain way because of this unforeseen occurrence. Yes, I cried, I was hurt, I was all of those things. BUT, I won’t let that person, place, or thing deter me from my goals and aspirations.

I feel that we are headed into this paradigm of being able to reclaim everything that we could possibly think of. We are heading into this paradigm of being entrepreneurs and of being self-sustained.

2020 was so necessary, because it was one of those tests to see if we really wanted what we said we wanted. In the midst of loss, in the midst of some of our greatest celebrity idols perishing, in the midst of dissapointment and rerouting, can you still keep pushing? Can you still keep pushing with (a,b, or c) being taken out of the way?

In 2021, all of my actions will be unapologetically executed with self-love at the throne of my decisions.

Diana Ross in summary speaks on how when you starve negativity, it basically becomes desperate of recognition. It doesn’t go away completely, it just becomes more and more irrelevant! And that’s critical, because being ignorant of the negativity only makes you liable to repeat the same patterns. No, I want to be in full awareness of the negativity. I have the blueprint of what it looks like, how it feels, I know the subtle signs, and I will be sure to steer clear of the debris of negativity during this journey of 2021 instead of stopping along the path to give it any attention.

I have learned that when we choose to stop feeding the adversarial energy, it doesn’t grow! It becomes smaller and smaller. It’s like a small speck in my scope of view, I would literally have to get a microscope just to see it and give it my attention.

This will be the mindset for 2021. I’m going to continue to feed the things that I want to see grow and continue to starve the things that I do not care to see grow. I won’t give people or things a thought priority in my life that is not deserving of that priority.

With everything showing up as it did in 2020 with 20/20 vision, I accepted everything and everyone for what and who it was and chose to be. I accepted the true reality and am no longer holding onto a false reality.

I’m going to actually take heed to those bitter realizations and compartmentalize people and things in their proper position. With all the stumbling block cards removed, I can now reshuffle the deck for 2021 and have a better advantage, because now I have cards in my hand that will prepare me to win!

21 Affirmations for 2021

These are my 2021 affirmations and you are more than welcome to join in with me.

  1. I no longer accept anything that is out of sync with my energy or out of tune for where I am going.
  2. I have no more spinning cycles left in this machine called life, which means I have no more time to waste with unproductive occurrences that can be avoided.
  3. I have come out of the wash and have no desire to return again, because my peace and my joy is just that critical to me thriving in this life.
  4. I no longer desire to be in alignment with individuals who are fighting to survive and survive only. I’m looking forward to healed connections with those who desire to THRIVE.
  5. I adamantly refuse any connections that will cause me to suffer mentally or physically.
  6. I will exercise compassion for others’ journey of discovery, but I will detach whenever their journey equates to my distress.
  7. Life is not against me. Life is here to help me learn valuable lessons. Life is like fertilizer, and if I am rooted, then I will grow.
  8. In 2021, I will speak less on the problems and more on the solutions. I will intentionally starve the attention-seeking nuisances that try to gain some sort of thought priority in my mind.
  9. I will use all of the 2020 lessons as a catalyst to propel me into the Pura Vida future for myself and my family.
  10. I’m walking into a path of abundance with opportunity at every turn. There will be no scarcity vibes radiating from my energetic field.
  11. All of the decisions that I have made in the commencement of 2021 are finalized and I won’t go back to revisit any decisions out of regret.
  12. My heart is pure, my intentions are pure, my vision is unequivocal, and I wish nothing but the best for myself.
  13. I’m going after my goals this year and everything I set my heart and mind to do will be exponentially successful.
  14. I am a giant towering over any distractions that may steer into my path. I will be unyielding to anything that is repetitive of the lessons I have already learned.
  15. I only welcome NEW lessons that are designed to sharpen me as an individual and give me wisdom.
  16. This year I will cultivate my strengths and my gifts so that my career will involve my passions. I will no longer accept jobs for currency when my peace is my currency.

17. My peace will escort me towards the path that will lead me to my greatest destiny, my heaven on earth.

18. My peace is my currency that I will use to invest in the life of my dreams.

19. This year, I will exercise an innumerable amount of self-love to the point where I will not tolerate or excuse any disrespect or disregard towards my life, my journey, or my family.

20. My words have power, because my words will be fueled by my actions.

21. I know the gift of speaking visions into fruition, and no one or thing will keep me from what I know I can create, which is a life free from unnecessary suffering and mental disparities.

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  1. LifeofaCrazyMum says:

    Wow, quite a journey you’ve been on! I did LOL at the island quip at the beginning. I have also been on a spiritual awakening journey the past 18 months, and I’m so much happier for it. Definitely the part about realising friends and foes. 💜💜


    1. Thanks for reading! Yes, 2020 was something else, but I had to find the lessons in it in order to keep pushing. I’m so happy you resonated with the spiritual awakening portion. It’s good to know that others go through it as well, because it can be kind of scary in the beginning. When we left for South America, we didn’t know why we were leaving, but the sense of urgency was there. Trust the process. Everything will make sense and you’ll be happy you listened to your spirit every single time. 🙂


  2. 2020 has been quite the trip for everyone and I hope that this year can bring better times and opportunities for us!


    1. Yes! I’m hoping so as well. Thanks for reading!


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