21 Positive affirmations for Happiness and Success in 2021

This list of 21 positive affirmations for happiness and success derives from my previous published post that you can visit by clicking on the link below.

The 5 most inspirational life lessons of 2020 for me and how they will complement 2021

What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are declarations that a person can speak aloud to affirm a positive mindset to themselves.

With repetition, these spoken words eventually become innate habits and automatic thoughts whenever a doubtful thought pops up into the mind, especially with goal setting.

Positive affirmations help individuals maintain motivation and diligence in whatever they set their hearts to do.

I no longer accept anything that is out of sync with my energy or out of tune with where I am going.

I have no more spinning cycles left in this machine called life, which means I have no more time to waste with unproductive occurrences that can be avoided.

I have come out of the wash and have no desire to return again, because my peace and my joy is just that critical to me thriving in this life.

I no longer desire to be in alignment with individuals who are fighting to survive and survive only. I’m looking forward to healed connections with those who desire to THRIVE.

I adamantly refuse any connections that will cause me to suffer mentally or physically.

I will exercise compassion for others’ journey of discovery, but I will detach whenever their journey equates to my distress.

Life is not against me. Life is here to help me learn valuable lessons. Life is like fertilizer, and if I am rooted, then I will grow.

In 2021, I will speak less on the problems and more on the solutions. I will intentionally starve the attention-seeking nuisances that try to gain some sort of thought priority in my mind.

I will use all of the 2020 lessons as a catalyst to propel me into the Pura Vida future for myself and my family.

I’m walking into a path of abundance with opportunity at every turn. There will be no scarcity vibes radiating from my energetic field.

All of the decisions that I have made in the commencement of 2021 are finalized and I won’t go back to revisit any decisions out of regret.

My heart is pure, my intentions are pure, my vision is unequivocal, and I wish nothing but the best for myself.

I’m going after my goals this year and everything I set my heart and mind to do will be exponentially successful.

I am a giant towering over any distractions that may steer into my path. I will be unyielding to anything that is repetitive of the lessons I have already learned.

I only welcome NEW lessons that are designed to sharpen me as an individual and give me wisdom.

This year I will cultivate my strengths and my gifts so that my career will involve my passions. I will no longer accept jobs for currency when my peace is my currency.

My peace will escort me towards the path that will lead me to my greatest destiny, my heaven on earth.

My peace is my currency that I will use to invest in the life of my dreams.

This year, I will exercise an innumerable amount of self-love to the point where I will not tolerate or excuse any disrespect or disregard towards my life, my journey, or my family.

My words have power, because my words will be fueled by my actions.

I know the gift of speaking visions into fruition, and no one or thing will keep me from what I know I can create, which is a life free from unnecessary suffering and mental disparities.

If you found these affirmations to be helpful, SHARE them with your loved ones or anyone you sincerely feel could use a boost of motivation this year!

Also, download the weekly self-care checklist below for weekend rejuvenation right before returning to your busy work week.


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