Self Love Techniques that will Skyrocket your self-esteem. Number 4 is my favorite!

Flowerchild777 is an empowerment brand that promotes unity, freethinking, motivation, mental health advocacy, and among all others, teaches self love techniques.

Self-love is deficient among our population, but is prefatory to the ability to express unconditional love outwardly. If we have not yet gained the skill of loving ourselves, then it is extremely difficult to love others.

These 4 self-love techniques are designed to help you skyrocket your self-esteem and your self-worth. After following these techniques, you will experience just how easy it is to love others.

#1 Know who you are so that you can know your purpose.

This website, Flowerchild777, was created with authenticity and life purpose at the foundation.

It’s unfortunate that many of us don’t discover who we are until we’re well into our adulthood. This happens mostly because we live lives that are portraying an image for acceptance or because we don’t want to look like the odd ball out; the ugly duckling, the black sheep.

At some point, pretending runs out and your true self always becomes exposed.

These unique characteristics that we push to the side in order to fit in are actually the qualities that help us to shift the world!

Here’s an example.

You are afraid to be the person who shows love and extend acceptance to others regardless of their religious preference, culture, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or physical attributes. You are afraid to be that person, because the majority of people in your immediate environment are conditionally-accepting; there are popular socially-held beliefs that you have to look a certain way in order to fit into a group, you have to be a Christian to be someone’s friend, or you have to be a Democrat in order to be accepted.

Maybe your ability to extend love and acceptance to others in spite of titles is due largely to your life purpose as a healer? What if your purpose is to be a psychotherapist or shaman?

You won’t ever discover your purpose in life if you are fixed on the idea that the majority of people have to like you in order for you to be okay. This self-abasing attitude is what’s holding you back from living a blissful life.

You must know who you are, accept that identity, accept your purpose, and flow in the direction that is more fitting for your personality.

This self love technique will be the first challenge you overcome, which will lead you to the #2 technique.

#2. Be willing to exercise your authenticity at the cost of losing certain connections.

The thing that I fear the most in my lifetime is losing my voice and losing the ability to be myself.

I described in my self-published work, Military Wives: Rare Details You Must Know Before & After the Vow, how my military enlistment sort of made me lose my voice. I was apart of a career that coached me into following orders without asking questions simply because I desired a quick way to generate income and benefits.

The method in which I attained this was all wrong. Yes, I could have enlisted, like a majority do, but with a clear mind and consciousness and not with desperation at the forefront of my decision.

This journey was extremely invaluable to my experience as a human being. It helped me to grow in many areas of my life. But looking back, I was willing to ignore who I was at the core in order to get a paycheck in return. I sold my soul for money, in essence.

If my spirit wasn’t yelling at me 4 years into the enlistment, I would have remained in my position because the thought of living a different lifestyle would have been too scary. Remaining in this position with my mental health deteriorating would have been unloving to myself.

Sometimes, we remain fixed in positions for paychecks, comfortability, familiarity, and lack of knowledge. Authenticity protects us from suffering in situations that can be avoided. Being involved with people or groups from a space of being inauthentic breeds unnecessary low-quality life experiences.

Exercising self-love means that we have to be willing and READY to let go of anything that is not beneficial to our highest good. I discuss this in greater detail in this post:

Do you get M.E.?

Let go of what’s not beneficial in order to create space for something that will contribute to a balanced mental health.

And since we’re on the topic of exercise, let’s move on to the #3 technique!

#3. Create a workout routine that you love.

I love my body after having 3 children. I do not workout so that I can lose weight, I workout to be able to mobilize easily and keep up with my babies! Inactivity creates room for stiff joints and lack of flexibility. And that’s the perfect recipe for complacency as a SAHM. Es no bueno para mi!

Exercising is a great way to stay fit and healthy, but it is also an excellent method to boost confidence, which has a direct effect on our self-love meter.

I feel my best after a workout that I am doing FOR ME and not to compete against others or to try to fit into a #MILFgoals model.

I like to have fun with it! I don’t follow a strict regimen. I’m naturally spontaneous and free-spirited with a sense of humor. I also homeschool and work from home. So my workout routine fits into my schedule somewhere between those things!

I incorporate dancing and pilates as my go-to self-love and self-care ritual. I’m happy to have a daughter who enjoys dancing too. Dancing is like art to me. I enjoy testing out new skills and I love witnessing how dancing promotes unity in our family.

Exercising boosts self-love and self-esteem, because it exemplifies these beautiful realizations about yourself.

  • It shows you that you possess the willpower to do something that is challenging and exerting!
  • You are willing to maintain consistency towards a goal.
  • It teaches you that YOU MATTER. Your health matters. Your mental health matters.
  • It’s a mind-altering experience that proves without any doubt that you want to thrive (to grow and develop strongly) and not just survive.

Try this self love technique and you should begin to feel better overall within the first 2 weeks. When you workout consistently, this will lead to you choosing healthier meals, which will make your internal organs smile, which will make you glow on the outside.

#4. Repeat Flowerchild777’s self love pledge as often as needed.

And now allow me to introduce you to Flowerchild777’s Self-Love Pledge. This is my favorite self love technique!

This self love technique, the self-love pledge, has been THE ULTIMATE life changer for me in terms of my self-esteem and setting healthy boundaries in relationships.

What is a self-love pledge?

A self-love pledge is a commitment, solemn promise, or vow to oneself. It is a vow to love oneself eternally, even at the expense of losing others.

Self-love pledge

This pledge is an affirmation that serves as a reminder that we are here on the planet to be ourselves. We are here to EXPRESS FREELY, hence the term Espiritu Libre, a Spanish term for Free Spirit.

This self love pledge serves as a reminder to NEVER allow yourself to drift into a situation that will involve you hiding or suppressing who you authentically are in order to fit into some group.

This pledge should prompt you to be FEARLESS in your identity and should boost your self-esteem significantly. This pledge is perfect for anyone who is being or has been bullied.

This affirmation will ooze through your aura as you come into contact with others. Your energy will magnetize those who welcome your liberalism and it will repel those who feel uncomfortable with your authenticity.

This self-love pledge is also a necessary affirmation, as stated in a previous post, prior to committing to any long-term relationship or marriage. In that post, I discuss how many young girls are prepped for marriage…prepped to sign a love contract with our lifelong partner. But, we often aren’t prepped to sign the love contract that should come before any other, which is the love contract with our self. In my opinion, it is THE MOST IMPORTANT love contract of our entire lives.

Repeat this self-love pledge daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you feel you are being extremely critical of yourself, have self-doubt about your journey, of if you feel your confidence slipping away.

Self-love pledge

I solemnly swear or affirm…

That I AM an Espiritu Libre..

For the simple fact that I adamantly REFUSE to PARTICIPATE in anything that makes me feel constrained or subservient.

I will no longer ASSOCIATE myself with any organization that encourages me to be self-abasing or subordinate to another flawed human being.

I DECLINE ALL invitations that will result in me falsifying my intrinsic nature to force my larger than life essence into a box.

I WILL NO LONGER alter my identity to gain approval from substandard entities…

Because YOU (who are so occupied with being unloving to yourself) have failed to see the beauty in diversity, YOU will be dismissed like a production that has lost viewership.

Your subtle and covert criticisms have no space in my life.

Your insignificant words will now ricochet back onto your already broken figure and shatter you indefinitely.

I AM a beautifully, uniquely-made, unprecedented individual.

I will not apologize for my alluring attributes that exceed your comprehension.

YOU no longer have permission to hold me hostage to your projected insecurities.

I AM no longer honoring your perceptions…because I realize my aspirations surpass your radar.

Your fears will be rerouted onto a road that leads relentlessly back to you…you will EAT the words that you so boldly speak against my expedition.

Your cogitations serve no purpose for the passageway that I have been divinely escorted into.

Your chains have incapacitated…And I am setting my own self FREE!

I solemnly swear or affirm that I will BE EXACTLY what I came here to be.

This in no way serves to be an egotistical statement placing myself above any other human on this planet. This message serves as a reminder to us all that we must make a pledge to ourselves to be unapologetic in our intentions to live out our life purpose.

Some may not ever understand or even attempt to comprehend who you are..and that’s okay. Allow their conditional judgments to haunt them. YOU must face yourself in the mirror each day and be your own cheerleader. YOU must love yourself more than enough to surpass others’ expectations of who they thought you should be.

Walk with your head held high and your shoulders rolled back into the life that your soul is desperately seeking to live.

Download the 7-day Self-love Journal!


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