The Top 4 Signs of a True Soulmate

Are you experiencing unconditional love from your true soulmate? Do you know the signs of a true soulmate or have you settled for struggle love?

Does your partner only love you based on certain conditions? What is a soulmate relationship? What does unconditional love even mean? Do you truly know what unconditional love feels like?

Can you be your true authentic self with the one you proclaim to love? Or are you only ALLOWED to be yourself up to a certain threshold?

These questions may sound like an infomercial, but all of the above questions are necessary for you to determine if you are dealing with a karmic partner, one who is present in your life to teach a lesson, or a true soulmate.

This post will put your wondering mind at ease once I go over the top 4 signs of a true soulmate.

Spoiler Alert…

This list will not involve a true soulmate loving you according to:

  1. How much money is spent on you during Valentine’s Day.
  2. How many times your boo thang calls you in a day.
  3. If they fall asleep on the phone with you at night.
  4. If they have taken you to meet their family. (BTW if you haven’t met their family after 1 year of dating, just close this browser because that is a major red flag. I will save you the reading time and let you know now HE OR SHE AIN’T IT.)

These are all things that we do as a typical format for dating.

I’m here to show you the most important clues that a person loves YOU for who you ARE. Hopefully after reading these top 4 telltale signs, you will gain a better perspective of the meaning of unconditional love and what it truly feels like.

What is a soulmate relationship?

First, lets dive into what a soulmate relationship encompasses.

When a person thinks of mate, mating as in breeding may come to mind. And this would be correct. This is one definition of a mate and we could apply that to soulmate. Someone whom our soul has found solace in and we have chosen to create a family with.

On the other hand, think of mate as how the Australians identify it. A mate can be someone whom you have shared experience, mutual respect, a comrade, or like a kindred spirit. A soulmate in this case would be someone like a bestie, someone who you can trust with your secrets, and someone who is a perfect match for your soul tribe; they resonate more with your soul’s identity versus your egoic identity.

A true soulmate will encompass all of the above!! I hate to use R. Kelly considering all of his current offenses. But since that era was a part of my generation, the closest example I can give of a true soulmate would be someone who is a homie, lover, and friend.

Now let’s dive into what love with a true soulmate will feel like!

Signs of a true soulmateWhen you are in a soulmate relationship, this love will be unconditional.

You can check out my previous post, which I described how unconditional love feels. So, here is another breakdown of what unconditional love feels like from my experience. Here are some things that I have learned are telltale signs of a true soulmate and unconditionally loving partner.

What does unconditional love feel like?

Unconditional love feels like involuntary breathing. It’s unrehearsed. You don’t have to think about how to love in this way, it happens naturally. And in the same way breathing helps to circulate oxygen throughout our body, unconditional love feels the same way…it brings life to every cell in our body, helping us to feel alive, awakened, and as if our purpose is being fulfilled everyday.

On the other hand, conditional love feels as if you’re suffocating and you can’t breathe. It chokes the life out of you. You feel chained, imprisoned, or as if you are a pet that has been trained to obey orders.

Signs of a true soulmate

Sign #1. This love feels FREE!

If I had to describe what love feels like, this song by Michael Jackson would be the perfect example.

Pure love energy, in my reality, is like living each day as if it is an adventure…like I am sailing in an airplane to my favorite country every….single….day.

Unconditional love does not feel like I am constrained or can only go so far before I am reminded of a ROLE that I am suppose to ACT out.

As I have always stated repetitively, love feels FREE. It is the purest energy that transcends our imagination.

Love from an unconditionally loving partner SHOULD allow us to be ourselves and ONLY ourselves without any pretenses, expectations, or requirements. This is authentic love. And it is sometimes rare in our society that is over-saturated with conventional/orthodox methods of love.


Sign #2. This love is coupled with respect, right use of will, and allowing the other INDIVIDUAL to remain an INDIVIDUAL.

If the question, What is unconditional love in a relationship?” was on a test, this would be the answer!!

In an unconditionally-loving relationship, one with your true soulmate, you should be allowed to continue being who you came to this earth to be without being held hostage to their ideas of who you should be in order to be accepted.

Unconditional love exists when the people involved in the connection can be sovereign and exercise their RIGHT and CHOICE to share love with you. It does not look like signing a contract and DELEGATING love based on how a person acts and solely depending on that to keep a connection alive. Does this make sense?

Without us being allowed to remain individuals in a relationship, there is no possible way we can learn the life lessons that’s suited for our individual maturation. We must master being 2 before we join into a union as 1.

Unconditional love between two individuals should feel like an autonomous relationship where both individuals are fully capable of having moral independence and self-directed freedom, because trust and respect are at the foundation of the relationship.

Sign #3. Unconditional love is in relation to the nature of Butterflies.

How ironic is it that Michael Jackson describes the feeling he has with that special person he loves and adores as butterflies in his stomach.

unconditional love is like a butterfly

Butterflies are symbolically synonymous with what?

  • Renewal, rebirth
  • Lightness of being, playfulness
  • Elevation from earthly matters, tuning into emotional or spiritual
  • The world of the soul, the psyche

Butterflies represent transformation. When you are being loved unconditionally, it should help you to transform into a healthy, more mature human being. It should feel as if you are constantly elevating to higher and more blissful life experiences.

With each passing day, the relationship will feel as if it is evolving into a more advanced version of love, which is unconditional love…the ability to love someone pass the usual status quo.

A secondary meaning of the butterfly is about finding joy in life and lightness of being.

When you are truly being loved for who you are, you will feel like a feather floating in the wind…uninhibited…able to express freely and authentically.

Unconditional love is the only love that is authentic on this planet and inspirational to true healing.

Everything else is CONTROL that is disguised as a “covering” or keeping someone in a “safe box” by projecting their own fears onto their partner. This conditional love feels more like possession.

Sign #4. This love does not involve following rules in order to be regarded.

Pure love does not come with rules and regulations and structured programs designed to keep individuals in roles. Love SHOULD ALWAYS feel FREE.

Again, each individual should possess the self-discipline to govern themselves and TRUST is the ultimate security. No one should feel as if they have to follow a list of instructions or guidelines in order to gain love from their partner.

If your relationship feels as if you are living with your parents, then that is a red flag. Your partner should bring a healthy BALANCE to your life, but they should not be acting as a parent.

If you cannot willingly admit to a mistake that you have made, because you feel as though you will be punished, stonewalled, or treated poorly, then you are without a doubt in a conditional relationship that’s not even love at all…it’s control.

What should you do if you are in a conditionally-loving relationship?

If you are in a conditionally loving relationship, then you have to decide what you must do. I always advise against staying in situations that are draining, uninspiring, and unfulfilling.

The first step of freedom from this type of connection is making a declaration that you are worthy AND you DESERVE the gift of being loved unconditionally. Begin by loving and accepting ALL of yourself. Remember….a person can only love you at the capacity that you love yourself.

Once you have fully released all constraints or narrow beliefs surrounding the energy of love, you will be a magnet for an unconditionally loving partner. And it will be your decision to accept that form of love freely without being afraid of its energy.

Unconditional love does not exist to keep you bound….it is not boastful or self-serving (scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.) Unconditional love exists to help us all live freely.

WHOMEVER you receive that connection with is totally up to you to decide. It’s your life. I would encourage you to make sure that you are living it authentically. And most of all, make sure that you are GENUINELY happy with the partner(s) you choose.

I love this quote by Linda Bloom


A great love is exactly the same. If we pursue love with too much vigor or desperation, it will elude us. If we sit down quietly, love may alight. Taking our attention off the other person, not trying to change them, not pursuing them to bring love to us, sets the context for love to grow.

When we stop pressing our partner to change their behavior, to bring approval, validation, praise, acceptance, attention, connection, and acknowledgement, or anything else to us, then we are sitting down quietly instead of running after them. What we can begin to receive from ourselves that which we at times desperately chase after our partner to bring to us, we are less likely to frighten or overwhelm them. When we need less from them we become more attractive.

Many of us have to learn the very hard way that our fear will prompt us to hold on tight, to be demanding, and controlling. Such behavior will push love away, not bring it to us.

So ask yourself….
Are you currently experiencing unconditional love? Are you able to identify your love with these top 4 signs of a true soulmate?

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