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Military Wives: Rare Details You Must Know Before & After the Vow

One reason why this Military Spouse book is unique is because it is authored by an Air Force Veteran and former Dual Military Spouse. She is also a former Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Advocate for the Air Force and a former Radiologic Technologist for Barksdale AFB. She was awarded SrA Below the Zone during her service and the Good Conduct Medal.

Dual military status is one of the toughest positions in the armed forces. It requires bravery and loyalty of any person to offer themselves as a sacrifice in hopes of protecting the country.
However, with two military members keeping a vow to the military all while trying to maintain a relationship, that takes even more skill!

For this reason, this author’s perspective goes ABOVE AND BEYOND the home life of military spouses or significant others. She is able to depict what the lifestyle is all about, from stressful deployments to loneliness and everything in between.

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The author’s depiction of the military lifestyle is raw and authentic in this military spouse book! There are very few military spouse books that tell the ugly truth about the military lifestyle. It is a very stressful commitment that unfortunately leads to depression and, for an alarming high percentage, suicide.

After losing her recruiter to unforeseen suicide, the author realized just how significant the stress of the military commitment is and just how unprepared many spouses are when having to consider this possibility in their military experience.

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This is why you won’t see this military spouse book promoted across popular platforms, because it has less to do with the beautification and fluff of the military spouse journey and has more to do with the unconventional topics that may turn you away from the commitment. Her goal is to shed light on some of the unpopular information in an effort to save lives and save marriages.

The author spoken of, Natisha Haynie, would be me. And since I don’t want you to just take my word for the effectiveness of this manuscript, here is a review below.


As the title implies, it is a handbook for women who have recently married a member of the Armed Forces. The author is a current military spouse and Air Force veteran, and has used her extensive experience within the military community to provide guidance in this brief but informative book.

Military Wives…… is packed full of useful information for a new military spouse. Haynie leaves no stone unturned as she attempts to introduce the new spouse to the oft-misunderstood world of military life, and covers a broad range of topics from handling deployment stress to which pets are prohibited in military housing. While the terminology within the book is specific to the Air Force, Haynie does her best to be inclusive of all branches of service, and provides the names of websites specifically for family members of Army, Navy and Marine Corps service members.

As I read this book, I often found myself murmuring “uh-huh!” or nodding my head in agreement with her information and advice.

In addition to providing factual information on the military, Haynie frequently encourages wives to not lose themselves as they support their husbands’ careers. For example, there is a common belief among military wives that receiving an education or having a career are impossible goals due to the constant moving that goes with the military lifestyle. To counter this myth, Haynie offers not only words of encouragement, but also specific resources designed to help military spouses finish degrees or find employment. I was particularly appreciative of this information, as there are several resources mentioned in the book that I was not aware of.

This book is recommended not only to future and current military spouses, but the parents and other relatives of those who are about to enter the service. The information within is invaluable and would be helpful to the entire family of a service member, not just spouses.

What will you gain from purchasing this book?

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  • Invaluable details about the military lifestyle from firsthand knowledge. Receive trusted information from a Veteran who swore an oath to protect the United States against foreign and domestic enemies.
  • Details about suicide awareness and spousal abuse from the author’s experience as a Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Assistant for Barksdale AFB.
  • Other topics covered include hidden resources for military spouses, such as scholarships and employment opportunities (Med Certs for military spouses).
  • Learn about the limits of religious expression as it pertains to the military member’s workplace.
  • You will receive 155 pages of high quality expertise on how to navigate the lifestyle prior to marriage and even afterwards. The material is timeless and will be a guide for the duration of your spouse’s time in service.
  • Rare information about the Join Spouse Program, the NOT SO GUARANTEED monthly pay, questionable work policies, and other essential details military members don’t learn until after the commitment!
  • Updated content as of December 2020.

There are not many books like this out there. To be a military wife takes hard work and has to be worked at. We all look good in uniform but that’s not the be all and end all. A good handbook for the wife to be or the new wife wondering what the hell she has got herself into.

Para20115/5 stars Military wives….Reviewed in the United States on June 18, 2016.

There are a lot of details that go unspoken of the military experience for fear of shedding a negative light on the armed forces. And while there are MANY BENEFICIAL reasons to enlist and for spouses to serve alongside their significant other, some of the unexpected realities must be considered so that people are properly prepared and can make a rational decision if this lifestyle is fitting for them. This military spouse book includes all of these CRUCIAL topics.

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