Have you considered THIS prior to coaching someone into your belief?

Can we talk about an uncomfortable truth?

Today is Sunday and there is at least 1 person who is reading this that has chosen some form of spiritual or religious practice to follow.

Out of over 4,000 religions on the planet, the average person chooses one to dedicate their life to.

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From that 1 religion, there are hundreds if not thousands of doctrinal variations that stem from it. For example, with Christianity, under the Protestant umbrella, you have denominations such as Baptist, Lutheranism, Methodism, 7th Day Adventist, Restoration Movement, and the list goes on.

Each sect teaches a different doctrine. AND each sect strongly believes that their version of theism and worship style is the only correct version.

Growing up, I would always wonder why some people worshipped on Saturdays, or why some believed that women couldn’t wear pants, or why some believers didn’t eat pork. If people are reading from the same Bible (which has turned into an acronym that allegedly means Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth), then why are there so many variations?

Research brought our family to a peaceful conclusion. A chance is taken just by choosing any of it. So, we decided to trust in our own spirit and intuition..align our hearts with pure intentions (as best as we know how), and just LIVE AND LET OTHERS LIVE. We took the meat from what we were taught as children (all of the wonderful stories that encouraged discipline and morality) and we spit out the bones (all of the fear-based and political agendas of religion).

This audio recording below is from April of 2019. It is a reflection of my thoughts of how we can coexist on the planet with our various beliefs and practices. And although it is challenging dialogue, I would say that it is necessary to change the tone that still remains in most of the Bible belt region..this tone of religious arrogance.

*Please listen to the audio below in conjunction with this post*



Unconditional love involves ACCEPTANCE and RESPECT

Respect is the due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.

And you know what other term I like? Religious tolerance.

Religious tolerance: The condition of permitting people to worship according to the practices of any religion they choose, as long as it does not incorporate violence towards any group of people.

Just because we have different beliefs surrounding our journeys, it does not equate to us being enemies by default.

I would love to see a world that practices spreading unconditional love instead of conditional inclusion. We all have a right to our own beliefs/ideas. I love seeing humans who are dedicated to becoming the greatest version of themselves. And I think whatever a person chooses to get to their highest self, that is their prerogative and not mine.

The change starts with us. I would love to see more humans accepting ALL of their self first so that we can, in unison, move into this beautiful energy of unconditional love in perfect synchrony. We were not placed here to think alike or act alike and I guarantee that there is so much to be learned from each others’ differences.


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