Do you get M.E.?

As we evolve, we consistently arrive at moments of shedding and renewal. For my journey, this has happened more often than I would like! Lol. But, it’s just a testament of how much we as humans fluctuate before we become attuned to our authentic self.

At times, I have to ask myself in connections (platonic or intimate)…Do they get me? Not the cloak that I wear for protection, but the ME underneath my skin…My Essence.

By taking the time to analyze certain connections, I discover 2 outcomes. There are people connected for opportunity, for label sake, as attachment, or as egoic comparison. And then there are people connected to us through our soul, our heart space, our authentic identity, and without any ulterior agendas.

Here is how I have discerned between the two.

People who are fixed on misunderstanding you will always ASSUME that you are lost on your journey. They will always be confused about what you are doing and how you are moving. They always require an explanation, but their ears are only open to RESPOND instead of comprehending. They will search high and low JUST to invalidate your experiences and make their own beliefs and reality more real. No matter how long the acquaintanceship lasts, there always seems to be friction, resistance, and quarrel. It feels empty.

Those who know your spirit will always KNOW the real you and your intentions, without any skepticism. They will ask questions for clarity and to confirm their inner knowing. The response to the question, “Do you get M.E.?,” is a symphonic ‘Yes’ that’s discerned through the heart and not with words. It feels euphoric. It’s less of a mind connection and more of a soul recognition.

My life was more chaotic when I dedicated so much time explaining myself or trying to MAKE people understand M.E. I found peace when I fully accepted that it’s not meant for every person on the planet to understand My Essence.

The more I detached and released my own chains to “friend” labels, I gained a greater reward by magnetizing my soul tribe. And I no longer had to explain who I AM.

Now I just exist.

My authenticity is my peace and my protection. You can waste a lifetime entertaining people who love you conditionally. Or you can have peace sharing your space with those who love you unconditionally.

The question that will set the course for connections that thrust you into expansion is simple…

Do you get M.E.?

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  1. jim- says:

    Lovely post. It took me a long time to shed the me, that was forced into behaving a certain way to be accepted and loved. Part of that was growing up in a tightly controlled environment where information was filtered and pre approved. Certainly I was living the most special life of all believers…until I finally compared it to other ways of being.

    1. I appreciate your kind words..thank you! And yes, it’s not always easy shedding that layer of ourselves that desires to be accepted. It’s hurtful when you feel you have connected with people only to find out the connections were based on having similar belief or backgrounds. But when you connect with souls from an unfiltered space with your authentic self, it feels like magic. And it’s so much more serene than forcing people to see you and your intentions.

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