How I maintain my peace…

Some believe that peace is a gimmick…a scam. It’s impossible to always be at peace, right?

For me, peace is always possible because I prioritize peace. Peace equates to being in a balanced state, but does not equate to the idea of perfection. We can have peace in the midst of stormy weather. The conditions aren’t perfect, but it’s also not a death sentence.

Self-love, self-acceptance, and confidence in my decision making capabilities are key components of my peace-keeping strategy. This is how I try to maintain peace through almost any circumstance.

1. I accept WHAT IS. I have a realistic approach with life. I stay out of the fairy-tale mindset. I am clear that I control myself and myself only. Anything else outside of self is not within my control. I accept myself fully. I do not judge myself critically. I allow myself to be human. And therefore I can extend this same acceptance outwardly (at least I try to lol.)

2. I connect with others once I have taken care of my own daily mental calming exercises, whether that is through meditation, affirmations, deep breathing, etc. I tend to self FIRST before any encounter on the phone or in person.

3. I do not allow others to bully me into connecting when I don’t feel up to it.

4. I trust myself because I KNOW MYSELF…my AUTHENTIC self. I know what connections are desirable in order for me to continue living in a peaceful state and I am also fully aware of those that are disruptive to my peace..through experience.

5. I evaluate the pros and cons of each connection. I recognize that we all have issues and personality traits that may be “annoying” at times. But, are these traits toxic? Unhealthy? Disruptive to my inner peace? Is it an unstable connection? Is the energy conflicted or balanced?

6. Intuition is my go-to when I feel uncomfortable in a connection. The state of being uncomfortable is a sign for me that something is not in alignment…off…iffy. My intuition is my safety, especially when the physical realm has no definite clues at a given moment.

7. I let my YES be YES and my NO be NO, as an elder once taught me, when it comes to decisionmaking. I have found that being in unsure mode allows room for manipulation. Taking time to observe and waiting before making a conclusion (being neutral, taking a rest) is more beneficial than waiting in limbo. That rest period, as COVID-19 has shown me, gives room for people to show their true colors! No matter how much cloaking is done, our authentic being eventually ALWAYS shows itself.

8. After I release, I truly release. I am skilled with letting go of material things and connections that aren’t beneficial to my health. I love the process of shedding and renewal.

I am also CLEAR of when a connection needs a  breather to allow for a more peaceful connection later on. But I will not force or go against resistance. I let what comes..come. I let what goes…go. What is meant to be will be.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me!

Remember, your peace is your current..see? Your peace is your currency.

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