Peace is your Current..see?

Whoa! Is it me, or has this quarantine really given us a chance to examine our connections with clearer vision? When I said 2020 will be the year of seeing clearly, I wasn’t expecting it to be THIS clear!

Do not feel guilty if you have to set firm boundaries moving forward. If you have found peace through all of the uncertainties during this COVID-19 period, then maintaining that peace is more important than holding on to disruptive/toxic connections. And don’t be surprised if it’s blood that has to be released.

I always say…titles are illusions. Check the heart/spirit. Release connections that no longer add to your present peace so that you can make room for your real soul tribe. If you want to experience joy and peace on a DAILY basis, loosen the hold before you begin to bleed. Promise yourself you won’t allow people to just take up space in your life because you’re afraid to let go.

I have found that these affirmations work well when you find yourself guilty for wanting to have peace, even if it means releasing loved ones.

We are always reluctant to waste unnecessary money, but sometimes we aren’t as reluctant when it comes to wasting moments with people who do not resonate with the energy of peace.

Peace is your current state of existence. Peace activates that steady flow moving in a precise direction. Without peace, you cannot flow in a harmonious manner. You will always be stagnant and wondering why something is holding you back from the life of freedom you are desiring.

2020…we are supposed to be writing the vision and making it plane…making it soar so high without any disturbances or interference in our channels. PEACE is going to be that precursor.

So think of this whenever you have doubts about letting go. I hope this helps you as much as it did for me.

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