Coronavirus or Crown-venom?

Before I begin this post, let me first say that I know I have been M.I.A. for some months!! But, I had to step back into this thing to encourage not only myself but all of you who may be subscribed to this platform.

We were all hype for 2020! This was the year we were ready to start seeing clearly with our 20/20 vision…..and then BAM…the world is on lockdown just in time for Spring. For the western culture, this is triggering. We are accustomed to being busy. We left zero room for slowing down because we believed slowing down meant we were lazy. We were also addicted to overworking ourselves because the more we worked and were away from family, the longer we could put off our inner healing…the longer we could make excuses for brushing those relationship problems under the rug…the longer we could portray a perfect lifestyle and not have to deal with ourselves head on.

The western world hasn’t seen a time like this since the so-called “Spanish flu” of 1918. So, it’s disturbing. We don’t know what’s to come of all of this. Many of us are having or have had dreams of this time and STILL don’t know what to do to find some consolation.

This is a normal phenomenon. It is human nature for us to want to control every aspect of our lives. As I described in a previous post, one of my hard lessons while living outside of the U.S. was accepting the reality that I do not control everything nor will I ever KNOW the ins and outs to everything. However, that does not equate to defeat. I am still capable of controlling my emotions and my reactions to changes in my environment. And that lesson is what has guided me through this time.

The word, fear, often has a negative connotation attached to it. Sometimes we make others feel terrible for resonating with fear. But, fear is an emotion that CAN serve a beneficial purpose depending on your mindset. On one hand, it can activate the warrior response within you to fight for survival or success. For example, as a teenager, I stumbled upon 2 men breaking into my 92′ Honda Accord! It was my baby. It was paid off and I depended on this vehicle to transport me to my job! So fear of losing it caused me to run towards them to retrieve what belonged to me! And I’m glad I can say I am still alive to tell about it.

On the other hand, fear can cause you to become paralyzed in comfortable/familiar situations because the “unknown” is too scary. Fear can cause you to press pause on growth and you unknowingly live the remainder of your life as a scared child stuck in an adult body. And I say that in the most empathetic way because I do realize that many have experienced severe child abuse in their past, which does have this kind of effect on a person. Many do not know how to move past certain moments and require psychological counseling.

But let’s just talk about a fear as basic as the fear of germs. 

During this……Coronavirus…COVID-19 crisis…CROWN-venom awakening/shift….


….I have made a few non-critical observations. I see that many are ready to make sudden yet temporary changes due to fear of death, wrath, or punishment based on religious beliefs. This happens time and time again with any historical event that appears out of the norm. Some believe this virus is one of the plagues that was prophesied in the Bible to hit humanity and take out a majority of the population.

I have witnessed others make irrational adjustments  based on unstudied beliefs about viruses and germs in general. People are scared to interact with one another in public. People are wearing gloves, masks, squirting hand sanitizer everytime you look around, mad at others for sneezing in public, or refusing to walk down a grocery aisle because someone is TALKING. And I wish I was overexaggerating. 

If either of the 2 categories above apply to you, ask yourself if these fears are justified. Is this really the end of humanity or is this just an uncomfortable/unexpected moment in history? Why wasn’t the Spanish flu the end of the world 100 years ago? Better yet, why wasnt it the end of the world in the 1500s when many indigenous people in America died from smallpox? Has this fear been instilled into you and you haven’t rationalized it’s validity? Has a belief about germs, viruses, and bacteria been instilled into you during childhood? Why weren’t you this afraid with the flu virus or any other virus? Are you operating on an old program? Are you following someone else’s projected fears?

One truth I am confident of is this… KNOWLEDGE is power…it is your strength during times of uncertainty. Knowledge keeps you from operating in F.E.A.R. mode, Functioning Everyday Amongst inaccurate Rhetoric. Knowledge is like armor. It protects you from ignorance and it keeps you grounded. 

Here’s a more feasible solution, one that requires ACTION more than belief. If you can find some time in your schedule today, at least 30 minutes, then RESEARCH some topics that can help put your mind at ease. Research past epidemics in North America. Research theories about germs. Where did it come from? Are there any modern advancements that support this theory?

Before I became worried about Covid-19, I researched, what exactly is a coronavirus? How does it affect your body and why is it so different from other Corona viruses?
Once I attained this information, my mind led me to study the science of viruses in general. I stumbled upon the germ theory. And did you know that our body is actually comprised of trillions of viruses and other microbiomes which are necessary for homeostasis? Yes, we have little microscopic beings inside of us that help us to stay balanced.

I also discovered that, just like the flu, viruses respond differently to each individual based on the current state of their immune system. So, in order to protect oneself, it is most beneficial to boost the immune system with key vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, vitamin A, etc. I learned that we should ALWAYS practice good hygiene habits and healthy eating habits, not just in a time of mass crisis, if we want to see lifelong benefits with our health.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai has been my favorite go-to for this type of information because he uses a mechanical approach to understanding the human body, which works great for my family. However, please do your own due diligence and find someone who better suits your learning style.I don’t know about you guys, but this type of research is comforting for me. Granted, I do have a background in Medical Sciences, so this field of study is just extremely interesting to me. Im like a kid in a candy store LOL.

But even if you aren’t an enthusiast when it pertains to medicine, studying health so that you can live the healthiest life possible should be of some interest. Knowledge of self, including health, makes you unfit to be a slave…and that’s a slave to fear, a slave to manipulation, a slave to political propaganda, or a slave to unnecessary medical intervention.

Now that I have the knowledge, I spend less time worried or in a panicked state about viruses. I have also went on to study even more details about the immune system and how even our blood type has an affect on our immunity. It has also been extremely helpful to have a soul connection on speed dial who is just as geeky about science and health as I am! In a time where we are socially distant, it may be beneficial to our mental health to stay connected with our tribe…those who understand who we are at our core. It’s important for me to stay in contact with those who bring more light into my world.

So, if you take anything from this post, I would say take this Coronavirus pandemic as venom to your crown. Venom can be a poison or it can be a remedy. It’s your choice. The keys to your reality are always in your hands. But just overstand that the easiest way to control a person is to control their beliefs.

If you believe..THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD…a deity is going to crack the sky and punish everyone for being human, then so be it. This will be YOUR reality and yours alone.

If you believe this virus will take you out, then it is done. Farewell.
If you believe this virus serves as an opportunity for you to manage your dietary habits a little bit better…and that healthy, long-term changes will come from you gaining knowledge and no longer operating in F.E.A.R, then your life will be a reflection of that. Your journey to freedom will be initiated and trust me you will begin to unravel even MORE hidden beliefs that no longer serve a purpose in your life.
You can also take some time to find gratitude…refocus your vision on your children, your family, soul connections, LOVE, happiness, internal peace. Try not to fight so hard to go back to being busy and avoiding the real treasures of life that can’t be bought. 

It is my hope that you will ultimately choose to live your life in FREE mode and not F.E.A.R. mode. Don’t let fear of this virus take your crown, let it restore and strengthen your crown.

Featured image by Lians Jadan on Unsplash

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  1. ShiraDest says:

    Welcome back: I dropped off for a while, too: good to see you back.


    1. Thank you! I had to get back to my passion but breaks are much needed for recuperation. Glad to see you are back as well!


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