Rite the vision…make it pLANE..

“Write the vision
Make it plain
That they may run
And not faint
Though the vision
Is only for a while
It shall speak
And not lie”

-Patrick Love

When I sang this song as a little girl, I really didn’t comprehend what it truly meant. But as I got older and began to realize that my thoughts and feelings always seemed to play out exactly as I had imagined, this was when I recognized the gift of manifestation. I realized that manifestation is for our greatest good, ESPECIALLY when it is done without self-serving intentions, but done more so to benefit humanity as a whole. Whenever we manifest things that are in alignment with our purpose, we are not only exercising our gifts but we are also able to attain more enriching lives by taking creative control of our reality.

Sometimes we feel guilty for desiring to gravitate towards our soul’s desires. Maybe we feel that our soul desire does not line up with a conventional mode of operation or it is unacceptable by the environment that we have been subjected to. Perfect example….my soul desire in 2016 was to leave the U.S. and live in another country. This was a foreign idea…it was weird to most of my peers. It was birthed from a need to expand to fulfill my soul’s purpose here on earth. But, because family and friends didn’t have the same path as me, this move seemed to be directed (from their mind’s space of fear and misUNDERstanding) by a tricky/sneaky deity. They could not wrap their mind around a “divine” being leading me into an unconventional path.

I want to tell you that your soul’s path is for YOUR knowing and not for the rest of the population. The things that you are being guided to do is not to make everyone around you cheer and encourage you to excel. No, this is the time for you to trust in you 1,000,000 times more than you have ever done in the past. This time around, the only acceptance you need is YOU.

This is your RITE of passage….your birthRITE….

You have been equipped with the power to manifest the things you desire to be able to navigate this course called life and walk into your purpose. Whatever your heart is calling you to do, be grounded in your inner-knowing…stay plugged into the energies of the PLANet so that you will be confident of what is coming your way and you won’t REJECT it this time around.

Make your vision solid (plane=pLANE=level=direct) and see your vision all the way through this time. Make your vision as an airplane and let it soar at a cruising altitude where no interference can misdirect its path. This journey is going to require 20/20 spirit vision in order for your dreams to manifest into a vision through your physical eyes.

Your mistakes and your past do not negate this manifestation. You embody the energy of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and you DESERVE that energy in return…unapologeticALLY. Your vision may be odd or unique, but that’s okay. Let IT be your ALLY even if it is the only ally you have at this point in your life. Keep that tunnel vision of the life you imagine for yourself and see it all the way through.

YOU GOT THIS!! I have confidence IN YOU and your abilities!! I AM ROOTING FOR YOU AND YOUR JOURNEY!! You are stronger than you have ever imagined of yourself. Accept everything loving that is coming your way. Cast doubt and other self-limiting beLIEfs so far from your being and release the resistance so that you can claim what belongs to you.


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  1. This post is a confirmation of what I have planned. Fortuitously, I was affirmed in my employment, for a few days this school year and permanently for 2019-20. I also found some long missing items, in my storage shed.

    1. Yes!!! I am so happy this resonated with you and congrats!!

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