Cheapest way to go to the movies in Arkansas!

Finally, the post that you guys have been waiting for! I’m going to walk you through the process of purchasing movie tickets for your family for the low!

Hopefully, you all are able to take advantage of this before this Tuesday!

I will walk you step by step. These are tried and true results.

As an FYI, this post DOES NOT include any referral links! The links take you directly to the site, but I am in no way benefiting from your membership to either of these programs. This information is solely for YOU to enjoy taking your family to the movies on a budget in the same way I have enjoyed these benefits. 🙂

For the best understanding of how this works, please listen to the recorded audio in conjunction with this post.

Three things are required to get the best out of this deal!

1. AT&T Thanks

att thanks.jpg

You must have an AT&T account, such as a non-Prepaid cell phone account or an internet account. Prepaid cell phone accounts to do not qualify for an AT&T Thanks account. Click here to download the app and verify your eligibility.

2. Fandango VIP

fandango vip

Through the Fandango VIP membership, you will get a $5 reward for every 4 tickets you purchase.

When using the AT&T Thanks account, you will have the option to sign up through the app. It will take you directly to Fandango and immediately redirect back to AT&T Thanks. By purchasing your tickets in this manner, it will still register your Fandango VIP rewards to your account.

With the Fandango VIP $5 reward, you may use this towards movie tickets OR Fandango Now, which is the ability to rent a movie from home.

I have already earned $10 that expires in September!

3. AMC Stubs

amc stubs

AMC Stubs is optional, but this is what I use to get additional discounts on my ticket purchases. This may not be of interest to you if: (a.) You do not have an AMC Theater in your area or (b.) You are not a frequent visitor to movie theaters.

If you do go to the movies frequently, 5 times or more every 6 months, then click here to sign up for an AMC Stubs account to enjoy $5 Tuesday deals and to start earning more rewards! After reviewing each membership, choose the plan that works better for you.

Afterwards, click back into the AT&T Thanks app and plug in your AMC Stubs membership number to sync your account. And THEN purchase your tickets!

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