Indoctrination and molestation

Recently, singer R.Kelly was investigated for the crimes that he has committed against young women throughout his career. But it turns out, time is also up for a lot of ministers, Pastors, priests, and other indoctrination leaders who have been hiding behind these non-profit organizations.

I would say that I am alarmed with the current silence on this issue. But, I would be lying. I actually expect this type of behavior from our society. Many are taught to “turn the other cheek,” especially if the issue is not happening to them or directly affecting their family. Just allow a deity to deal with it and stay silent…pray the issue away. “God got it.”

I also OVERstand that people are quiet because of their church affiliation. Many do not want to “offend” the organization as a whole and wish to focus on the “leaders” who appear honorable in the public.

However, I have ZERO FAVORITISM for any organization, religious or otherwise. I feel that it is unfair as humanity to sit back and watch children suffer in hopes that someone else will be the voice to speak on their behalf. That’s a WEAK cop out. I care more about exposing the suffering of children than to “cover” an adult’s behavior. There are Pastors that I can for sure account for here in Arkansas that are still allowed to “preach” in the church when they should really be in prison. Victims have been shamed to silence and told not to speak on their experience so that they won’t tarnish a person’s reputation. Disgusting to say the least! Meanwhile, this rapist continues to destroy the lives of other innocent children.

These pedophiles have had access to babies due to the parents’ blinding trust because of an “ordained” certification. In the same way people have put trust in doctors just because they have went to school and have gained a few extra abbreviations behind their name. Yeah, there are gynecologists who also need to be exposed for their crimes as well. But I’ll address that in another post. This post is tailored to the “sanctified” leaders who believe they are above the law…for those who think they have successfully slid through the loopholes.

There have been some advancements in the protection of children who are indoctrinated. And I am happy to share those advancements here on this site. I hope that this update can bring some form of relief to many victims out there who have endured abuse from clergymen.

Clergy: “the body of all people ordained for religious duties, especially in the Christian Church.”

This is happening in the state of Wisconsin. But with more awareness, I feel this will soon be nationwide.

“The Clergy Mandatory Reporter Act requires that clergy report instances of child abuse, including sexual abuse, and ends a loophole allowing child sexual abuse by clergy to remain secret and unreported. These bills will empower survivors to seek justice and healing, while helping to end the abuse of children.

The wide scale abuse of children by clergy has created public outrage throughout the world, including in Wisconsin. Stretching back decades, child victims in our own state suffered greatly as pedophile priests were not reported to authorities and simply moved to other parishes where they continued to abuse children. The Milwaukee Archdiocese’s own files reveal how the systemic sexual abuse of children was covered up, ignored, and seldom reported to authorities until the early 2000s. Many adult survivors of priest sexual abuse of children have been denied justice in our court system. These bills seek to correct this tragic injustice, cast light on child abuse and neglect and provide additional protections for children.”

You can read more here.

Obviously, there is way more work that needs to be done. But, this feels like a step forward in the right direction.

If you are even slightly skeptical that this is a serious issue, please view the YouTube videos below. And do your own due diligence to research this topic.

As a former Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Victim Advocate & Assistant, I have listened to a lot of stories.

What we fail to realize is, these traumas may have happened over a decade ago, but the effects follow a person for a lifetime. This young lady in the last video above states she WISHED someone would have spoken up for her when she was a child. Although her abuse was from a family member, the indoctrination she was receiving simultaneously did nothing to get her the help she needed.

Instead of labeling a person as having “church hurt” and minimizing the role of the abuser, try to lead victims to a resource where they can receive help and try to abstain from leading them BACK to the church where they were abused.

Please, if you have a voice, help someone else who may be suffering in silence. If you know the problem exists and you choose to stay quiet, then you are just as much apart of the problem. Every person, regardless of their affiliation, should be held accountable for their crimes, and specifically for crimes against children.

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