“And I got a colorful aura like I got neon guts…”

A lot of us have colorful auras…we are very fluid and are often multi-faceted. We have an ability to connect to the ALL without fear or self-limiting beliefs. Others who are confused about this may call us weird, confusing, unconventional, etc., based on their OWN inability to comprehend our essence and our mission that we have on the planet. And that’s okay. But, the next time someone calls you any of these things, let them know this…

Admit it, I move like amoeba
I float in the room like I’m reefer
Alien, I’m not your kind of people
Telepathic fam watch how I read ya
You ain’t got emeralds greener….

Just took a blue one, ’bout to take the red pill
Purple thoughts in my brain, hope it don’t spill
Stay with a nerd just like Urkel Jaleel
Fresh just like Carlton, I kill ’em with Will…..

Higher than Elon Musk
So high stars eat our dust
And I got a colorful aura
Like I got neon guts
Dark energies, we don’t touch
Our jewelry’s be on Tut
And I got a colorful aura
Like I got neon guts

I am a crystal child…a rainbow child and I am in alignment with my authentic self. I am not afraid of myself or my frequency. Yes, I do have a colorful aura. Thank you for noticing my light.


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  1. Yesssss I absolutely love this ✨💃✨ Right on! And it’s so resonates with me cuz I’m in such a similar space✨🧘✨
    I’ve long been a rebel
    Gone against the grain Shun the mainstream
    We’re not s’pposed to be
    All the same
    I forge my own way
    I know my strengths
    I know my powers
    With childlike wonder
    I see the world
    I laugh, I love, I play
    Every single day
    It’s the only way ✔️

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    1. “I know my strengths…I know my powers.” This is key!! This is why a lot of people fear themselves because they do not know themselves. We were meant to explore during our lifetime not follow “norms” to stay in line. We won’t ever evolve that way. How can we learn from each other if we’re all doing the same thing? I’m so glad we follow our own spirit. It never leads us wrong. ❤❤❤❤❤

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      1. Yes yes yes that is so true! When I woke up I realized the importance of getting to know myself & loving myself, & to become my own best friend. It’s so important. I enjoy spending time alone, and I always tell people if you’re not comfortable or afraid of being alone, then that’s exactly what you should do. I enjoy my own company, I have a blast with the universe, constantly learning & expanding my awareness & consciousness which is a never-ending Journey🤩
        There are many nefarious agendas in the world trying to keep us from waking up & finding ourselves, people are pummeled with propaganda day in & day out. You’re right they are trying to make us all the same, but it’s the gift of our individuality that we must find, explore & expand.
        Cuz it sure does seem as though ‘they’ want us to all be clones of one dude lolll That would be a very boring planet! LOL That’s why I’m not a fan of ‘political correctness’ & all that garbage cuz people should not be made to walk on eggshells in life, they should just be themselves. But the establishment wants to control what we say, what we think, what we believe, & even where we research. ‘He who controls your information controls your reality.’ I try to wake people up to the propaganda & the incredible Psychological Warfare against We the People, so many of the things in our society that are under the guise of ‘fun & entertainment’ are weaponized tools they use for our behavior modification. Once people see the world for what it really is they can snap out of that Matrix & experience true freedom ✨💃✨
        The world is a beautiful magical mystical place 🌀
        I’m sending you so much Love! ✨🧘✨


  2. Authenticity is one of the most beautiful things🤩

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