pACE your life to ACE your life..

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Ermias taught us something beautiful with his life. Not only is he wearing the color blue in this picture, which is my favorite color, but he is embodying the energy of tranquility. He is standing in front of a vehicle, which symbolizes ‘the journey was taken slowly.’ He taught us with his life that our lowest points do not have to be the end-all be-all to our journey. We still have the opportunity to go higher. His name, Ermias, actually means “God will rise.” And as the biblical text states, “God” is not in a building anywhere waiting for us to come to it, it is already within US.

Ermias took us with him on hisΒ Victory Lap, which signifies he went through his journey, but he won in the end and was able to run a celebratory circuit. HeΒ then took us HIGHER right before his transition into the spirit realm at the age of 33. I’m thankful for this dream message. His energy in my dream was one of a pure-hearted and good-natured warrior and I see a lot of my authentic self in him…I resonate with his spirit and his messages.

I hope his life serves as an example for us all. And I hope this blog post helps at least 1 person. Pace your life to ace your life. Add the E (evolve) and you’ll have pEace.


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  1. Mary says:

    This is an awesome message!!!!!


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