Spiritual scams continued….

Let’s think critically for a second…

If prayer cloths really worked to heal diseases, let’s place one over every person in the hospital, especially those who have been bed ridden for months. Let’s see these supernatural miracles in action! Because we obviously have testimonies of people in church saying that their loved one was healed. The Bible says test everything right?! This would be the ultimate test. I can place a bet and say we’re going to find out after testing this theory that it won’t work. Why? Because some of these testimonies in the churches are paid actors or coached testimonies. OR let’s just say the statement is genuine. How could this testimony not be staged or coached? Possibly because the person was already receiving chemotherapy or some other treatment that was the primary source of their healing. However, they were manipulated into believing it was the cloth.

According to these videos, “God” chose a cloth to heal rather than nature and herbs that derive from the earth and have edible properties. I’m supposed to put a cloth on my chest to heal heartburn rather than drink aloe vera juice? I’m supposed to put a cloth on my body to heal cancer rather than eat soursop or ingest a supplement that will cause a  molecular reaction within my cells? How? Something is very off with this information and I smell a scam!

If you notice, most “testimonies” are told with emotionally triggering background music to play on our psyche and empathetic abilities. Minus the music playing on our heart strings, the story itself would turn on our brain to begin to ask questions that would completely destroy the myth altogether. It is VITAL for us to use our innate comprehension skills to determine if a belief is flawed/irrational. You can maintain an idea that the “Creator” wants to see you happy, healed, and living a good life. Cool. But what does any of that have to do with placing a cloth over your body in order to be healed? Wouldn’t it be less abnormal and more realistic to say that the “Creator” created nature to provide health and nourishment to our body since this is actually something that can be tested? I can eat a plant-based diet and study the effects on my body.

The prayer cloth scam is a perfect example of irrational belief. And for those who do believe firmly that this cloth actually works, they are operating under a placebo effect and distorted reality.


This type of deception can only work on those who have little to no life experience or have a low sense of self-worth. It works on those who have not taken the time to heal from past hurt or traumas and who live life inside of a box. Primarily, it works on those who do not think critically and who may also be under a spell. I know, because it once worked on me before I learned the truth about my identity. I believed every word that came out of a Pastor’s mouth thinking that they had more authority over my mind than I had over my own mind. I wrongly assumed that these individuals had pure intentions and would never deceive me.

We have been taught to look outside of ourselves for a savior or for another human being to give us direction regarding spiritual experiences so much so that we are unlearned in spiritual/supernatural occurrences on the planet. ANYONE can easily sell SUPERNATURAL to an audience of people who don’t see themselves as worthy enough to receive private guidance from a spiritual source. If you constantly remind a person that they are lowly servants obeying orders from an “ordained” person, these “servants” won’t ever trigger themselves to question what is being told to them. They will follow EVERYTHING like a dazed deer blinded by headlights and to their own demise.

I’m one of those individuals that HAVE experienced what they are deeming as “supernatural” experiences, and these experiences happened when I left the church and placed myself away from others’ thought processes. I learned to trust in my own abilities and KNEW rather than believed that I am just as great/smart/worthy to experience spirituality without the dogma. And I have lived in pure bliss and peace since that time. When I cracked open the bible to study word for word on my own, I quickly realized that the literature could be used to enslave or to empower depending on whose guidance you were following….your own critical thinking skills or a MASTER manipulator’s instructions.

Ego-driven, greedy, and selfish humans have created a BUSINESS organization out of spirituality…selling hope dope to the masses for fame, attention, and sometimes wealth. This type of deception is similar to performing a magic trick in front of untrained individuals. If you are not using critical thinking, the magic appears real. But when you dissect the trick, you find out it was just an act to draw you deeper into the illusion. No church standing today, from my experience, is an example of what is supposed to be happening to help people free their mind.

This is why I created this blog site. It sickens me to see innocent people being taken for granted or being used and manipulated.

PLEASE take time to get to know yourself in and out…take the necessary time to heal from past hurts…become strong emotionally and mentally so that you won’t fall victim to spiritual scams.

Test/analyze/Question EVERYTHING.

More posts on this topic are coming soon….stay tuned.

#freeyourself #youareenough #freedomfromreligion #freedomfromspells

Photo by Julius Drost on Unsplash

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