Do plants/fruits have souls(sols)?

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Soul = Sol = Sun = Solar energy

Soul is the emotional or intellectual energy or intensity…the immaterial essence that is immortal. (energy never dies, it transfers)


“Plants can, not only learn and memorize, but also make decisions and solve complex problems. They can sample and integrate in real time many different biotic and abiotic parameters, such as humidity, light, gravity, temperature, nutrient patches and microorganisms in the soil, and many more, courtesy of a highly sophisticated sensori-motor system (Hodge, 2009; Trewavas, 2009; Baluška and Mancuso, 2013) that includes proprioception (Bastien et al., 2013; Dumais, 2013), with sensory information being transduced via a number of modalities. More distant aspects of their vicinity are also brought in. Plants can anticipate competition for resources, growing differentially depending upon the future acquisition of minerals and water (Novoplansky, 2015). They exhibit self-recognition and territoriality (Schenk et al., 1999), being able to tell apart own from alien, directing their movements towards their targets of interest (Gruntman & Novoplansky, 2004)Plants can communicate aerially (via released volatile organic compounds—VOCs—Dicke et al., 2003; Baldwin et al., 2006) with members of their own kind and with members of other species. They can even communicate bioacoustically, making and perceiving ‘clicking’ noises (Gagliano et al., 2012). Some plants can tell vibrations caused by predators apart from innocuous ones (wind or the chirps of insects), eliciting chemical defenses selectively (Appel and Cocroft, 2014). In a sense, plants can see, smell, hear, and feel (Chamovitz, 2012).”

Spirit = Spirare = Respirate = Breathe

Plants breathe through a process called cellular respiration.

“The outcome of cellular respiration is that the plant takes in glucose and oxygen, gives out carbon dioxide and water and releases energy. Plants respire at all times of the day and night because their cells need a constant energy source to stay alive. As well as being used by the plant to release energy via respiration, the glucose produced during photosynthesis is changed into starch, fats and oils for storage and used to make cellulose to grow and regenerate cell walls and proteins.” –Sciencing

Plants also have roots, veins, and sap which correlates to roots, veins, and plasma in a human.

So what are your thoughts? Are plants just like humans? Do they have an intelligence and are conscious as humans are?



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