What happens after I heal? What about friends and loved ones?

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I’d rather share a circle of friends that have a goal of shared healing than for us to relinquish in our shared traumas.

The secret is, you will attract people to you who match where you are right now. Chances are, your current circle of friends have similar inner child issues or similar life traumas as you. This is the familiarity and sense of comfort we feel with others. When you elevate your thought processes and spark healing, you may feel yourself outgrowing your current circle, and that’s totally fine. This does not mean you have to throw away your friends or treat them as if they are unclean and REQUIRE immediate healing as you have done for yourself. Allow the journey to take you where you are supposed to go and you will magnetize more people to you who match your frequency.

To heal means to thrive…and any person who truly loves you unconditionally would not want to see you stay stagnant in unhealthy, unhealed hurt if their intentions are to encourage you to be your happiest, most whole self. If you find that through your healing, you lose close connections with some of these friends, do not feel bad. Their healing is their choice and it is in THEIR timing. You cannot force healing onto someone because you do not know the extent of their pain, regardless of how close you may perceive you are to this person. Using the right use of will, we can love others by first placing the love for ourselves at the epitome, and then the love for others has to extend from a place of you being whole and healed. In this, you will see just how easy it will become to detach and allow life to draw individuals closer to you who will help you move closer to the next lesson in your life and also help you to thrive in your current state of health.

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  1. This is true-no one can define for another, what pace of healing is best. There are those in my life, alongside whom I will stand in support. There are one or two whom I’ve had to leave behind, because their presence was toxic to my own healing. That said, if they emerge, later, in a healed state, I would not block their presence. Everyone needs to be able to follow her/his own path.

    1. Exactly!! I feel the same way. Humanity could thrive more efficiently by each of us practicing the right use of will. Everyone has the right to choose what path is best for them based on their life experience and their unique needs. And I, too, feel that if a person I disconnected from decides to reemerge from a healed space, the love is STILL there because I don’t withdraw loving energy based on a disagreement in life paths.

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