Self-love Covenant

*Please listen to the above recording in conjunction with the post*


You have to make a choice between two options..

(A) Be anchored in an incompatible space in order to be accepted conditionally.


(B) Journey in the opposite direction that soothes your heart and inner spirit.

Which would you choose?

I would choose (B), which is synonymous with honoring my soul’s desires, which is also synonymous with HONORING MY LIFE PATH. I would choose this option with a blindfold because the sound of it speaks to my heart.


  • the heart regarded as the center of a person’s thoughts and emotions, especially love or compassion.
  • courage or enthusiasm.
  • the central or innermost part of something (middle, hub, CORE.)

Heart is also eartH:

  • the substance of the land surface; soil.
  • the substance of the human body.
  • connect (an electrical device) with the ground.

And the earth is green, which symbolizes health, prosperity and abundance.

My only choice IS to choose my heart in order to thrive. And I would choose this path UNapologetically a thousand times over.

In this moment, I’ll chase after my SELF….


  • one’s own interests or pleasure.
  • a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action.

………until (she) is loved the way (she) DESERVES to be loved and thriving in a life that (she) deserves to live (remain alive). Loving ALL OF MYSELF is what keeps me alive. I wouldn’t stop pursuing (her) until (she) assents to the unconditional love the other part of me offers. I won’t ever shove (her) away to be hidden by the world because I’m too afraid to love (her) authentically. (SHE) is the ULTIMATE BEING that I will chase after relentlessly because it would be unwise of me to sit idle and watch (her) walk out of my life again.

I love ALL of myself 💙💚❤💛💜

Reread and replace the parentheses with the proper pronoun for yourself. Affirm this to yourself as many times as necessary until you are in a space of never ridiculing Your.Own.Uniqueness again. Repeat this until you no longer feel estranged from the other side of your beautiful essence that you have suppressed to make everyone EXCEPT yourself happy. And forgive yourself for doing so. Know that you were created to be EXACTLY who you are.

Now, think of this concept if you are someone who is attempting to magnetize a more compatible counterpart to you…someone who actually aligns with the AUTHENTIC YOU and not the false self you have portrayed. The more you are unloving to any part of yourself, the more estranged your true love will be from you. The more you love and accept all of yourself, the closer you will draw a true unconditionally loving partner to yourself.



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